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  1. hello all, I've recently found myself obsessed with the art of Cardistry. I have many questions, but before I go into all of them, let's just start with one.

    Where do I start?
    Many thanks for taking the time.

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  2. Not really big into Cardistry Book. But if I had to guess it would be Andrei Jikhs stuff.
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  3. Start with the dynamo shuffle, or just go for the one handed cuts. If you can manage the dynamo shuffle pretty well, a lot of other flourishes become easier. For an easier two handed flourish try learning vanadin. What would your other questions be?
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  4. Should I be rubber banding the packets for practice, or will that lead to bad habits?
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  5. Personally, I feel you can not go wrong with Andrei Jikh's Genesis.
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  6. A word of caution: learning cardistry might put your magic-learning in the backseat...

    A good starting point is to look into
    There is a sticky thread for beginners at the top of the page with most basic moves you should learn first with links to youtube videos. This list gradually takes you into two-handed cuts like Sybil (you'll have to learn that one eventually, since a lot of two-handed flourishes start with a 'sybil-opener').

    By the time to go through that list, which should take a few months, you'll have a better idea of what you like or not in Cardistry. Then you can go to more intermediate and advanced and popular stuff by Dan and Dave, Dealersgrip, The Virts, etc.

    About using rubber bands. It might save you time from picking up cards off the floor, and it might help you focus more on learning a flourish sequence without fear of dropping cards, but you'll soon realize that they are hindering your progress. The rubber bands get in the way of you fingers, and prevents the packets from sliding against each other. Also, by using the rubber bands, your do learn the feel required to split packets cleanly.

    I guess trainers or squids could be used initially to learn moves and sequences, but don't get too attached to them, or you will have to relearn the techniques using cards.

    Rather I suggest you use a deck so worn in that it cannot fan anymore (aka poop deck) to learn packet cutting. The cards will stick together well and the packets will be easier to manipulate as single entities without dropping cards to the floor. Once you are more comfortable with a flourish using this deck, use a newer deck (one that still fans, even a brand new one) to learn to control your packets so you can flourish with decks in any condition without dropping cards.

    Oh! And don't worry too much about dropping cards on the floor, we all still do after many years.

    Have fun!
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