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  1. Hi guys,
    This card reveal seems to be fairly commonly used and looks quite cool: The card is flicked out of the middle of the deck and caught by the magician in his other hand. It'd be fantastic if you could tell me what this reveal is called, as I'd really like to learn it.
    Two demonstrations I've found are in this Daniel Madison video at 1:15

    and in Kostya Kimlat's second Penn & Teller performance at 1:13.

    Thank you for your responses! :)
  2. Those were 2 completely different moves. The one done by daniel madison was a poorly done hotshot cut from a one handed knuckle cut(created by Daryl), while the other one peformed by kostya kimlat is a long distance spinner.
  3. I almost suspected that those were different ...
    Well, thank you for your answer!
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  4. You're welcome.
  5. What is a long distance spinner? Kostya Kimlat had revealed his trick on his YouTube channel, and he said that it was a feat of skill, in the sense that there was no magic trick, and that he actually timed the dribble and caught the cards.

  6. I saw that video as well, but my question wasn't about the "trick" itself, but about the move he performs at 1:11.
  7. He was talking about the card production at the very beginning of the video, not the trick itself.
  8. Actually kostya kimlat performed the Martin Lewis Spinner.
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  9. I didn’t know that. But after all, it’s a variation of the move.

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