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  1. What's the flourish that starts with a single card face up on top of the deck, gripped by the hand, followed by a flick of the wrist causing the card to spin on top of the deck?

    Is there any place I can learn it?

  2. I don't believe there is a learning source as it hasn't been published. It's not exactly hard to do, just mimic the motions of a video or whatever.
  3. I know Jonas has it in one of his tutorials. Check out his youtube page.
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    Here is a tutorial:
    [EDITED - Very low-quality and uncredited tutorial. This move probably shouldn't even be taught in any videos that aren't by the move's creator.]

  5. LOL...

    first of all if you can describe this move, you pretty much can give yourself the tutorial. it's ridiculously easy just use unpowdered cards with a bit of a bend to them.

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