Card Spring Marriage Proposal

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by K.C., Jul 16, 2009.

  1. congrats man. pretty inventive proposal.

    And you have it on camera to cherish forever (so much better than having to tell the story to everyone individually.)

    good luck in the future, if you believe in such forces.

  2. I laughed when she said "about time".
    Congratulations sir
  3. Congratulations man! Awesome way to propose!

    As a side note, I'm getting married in 9 days! WHOO WHOO! Anyway, congratulations again, being engaged is wonderful! Peace!

  4. Amazing proposal!!! lol, Congrats man and Congrats to u to tyler.
  5. awesome dude AWESOME, good luck in the furute =]
  6. Congrats bud! Best wishes to the two of you!
  7. LOL!!! NIICE

    Best part was her cheer at :54 sec into it.
  8. lol ''about time"

    congrats man best of luck
  9. LOL at the "About Time!" HAHAHA :D

    Anyways, Congrats Man!

  10. Congrats on your success and your proposal!
  11. Congratulations man. Wish you and your fiancee the best.
  12. Haha congratulations. Your spring is also very good
  13. Yea your spring rocked! Who wouldn't marry that spring?

    Oh and how long have you been with her? I mean, saying "about time" either means you have been talking about it alot lately, or you haven't done it for years.
  14. You may be a card guy if!:

    8 seconds after your ninja spring proposal becomes a success, you start picking up dropped cards.

    Very cool proposal.

    Congratulations, wish you both nothing but the best.
  15. Now that's an inventive way to do it! When I saw the vid title I was like "omg what's gonna happen, is he gonna pull the ring out of the spring??!"
    lol, but all in all a great show of guts and creativity. All the best!

  16. I'm glad you all enjoyed the video.

    My fiance and I are going to make a list of our favorite comments from the video and have it at our wedding for people to see.

    It wasn't quite 8 seconds after the ninja spring I picked up cards; I had to edit out the gross make out session after she said, "yes" because our family and friends would see the video.

    That was part of the plan. And when we have kids, we can show them the video. Although we'll probably re-edit the video and add back the kissing just to gross them out.

  17. lol, What would happen if she was so good at the Ninja Spring Grab that she got it on the first time and didn't drop any cards? o_O
  18. If you notice on take 3, right before I proposed, she actually got one card; she performed it right. However, if you look closely, you can see that I made the cards fall, not her.

    So had she got it on the first time, I would have dropped some of the cards as in take 3.

  19. at first when I saw it, I thought it was going to be rather lame. Like a card-flourish pick up line or something. Needless to say, you surprised me. Good job! And congratulations :D!

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