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  1. I kbow a lot of people like this when its done nice mine is fast and not very long how do you get better control of them mine fly everywhere if i go out to far I want it so its not so fast and slow and smoother any ideas.
  2. I had the same problem at the start but Practice! That's what fixed mine, try different hand angles and try not to put so much pressure on them to slow it down.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Along with all of the other countless threads you've been posting...PRACTICE. Really, cardistry takes A LOT of practice.
  4. I think we need a sticky that every new member has to read before being able to post in this forum.

    The three things that will make your spring (and anything else cardistry-wise) are:
    1. Practice
    2. Practice after practicing, and
    3. Put practice in your practice so you can practice while you practice.
  5. there is no "trick" to do it easier or better. You just have to do it they way its been taught. Whether you read it in a book or learning from DVD
  6. You can also check out The Virts video on the card spring, to know a nice way to do a spring. It won't help with how well you do it though, you just need to practice :)
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    Strengthen your hands, you will have more control
  8. If you want more control, you want less force to be put on the cards. Before the necessary muscles are developed, you can achieve a slower velocity of these cards by using older cards, which are much more flexible and needs more force to spring. New decks are too stiff, and can spring too forcefully to control as a beginner.

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