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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MKulik, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, does anyone know of a good thing to store cards in? I need to find something small and portable, I used to have a shoe box but it is just too small. I need something easy, looks normal, and can fit like 100 or so cards. thanks
  2. A metalish briefcase. Ive seen them before. Theyre not as big as a normal briefcase and look cool.
  3. If anyone personally owns something like this or knows something could you give me some tips of where to pick one up?
  4. Buy a briefcase, the ones that is waterproof. The reason to get the waterproof briefcase is that it seals the air from getting in or getting out, so it protect the finish of your cards better, and it also protect your cards if there is a flood (who knows). Those kind of briefcase comes in different sizes, so you can pick the ones that could carry all your decks.

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  5. I agree with a metallic briefcase. They look cool to an extent. It has to fit your age though.
  6. metallic briefcase.
  7. There are silver brief cases at Home Depot and Lowes. Look in the tool box section. They are 25 bucks and you could probably put 100 decks in it. I've seen Josh Jay use one, I use one, I believe, many guys use them.
  8. I own (don't currently use) the case Reverhart is talking about, it could hold close to 100 decks.

    If you're just needing storage you could also get a clear plastic tub from wal-mart, try to find one that isn't that deep but has a good length/width, it'd be cheaper and could hold a lot of cards.

    I plan on getting a smaller case and using it as a close-up case, the one everyone uses is more than I need for traveling my usual set. I believe Vaultz makes different sized cases for many different purposes.

    I always thought a library card catalogs would be nice card holders, but I'm not 100% sure and they're expensive new. Demco! and I never run into them used (at least, not smaller ones...I don't have space for a large one).
  9. We are working on something special that may help with this... ;)
  10. Get your hands on some packets of Silica Gel as well, they'll remove any moisture from the environment.

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