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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by KASHBEY, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. VERY nice. I thought using the snap deal was brilliant!
  2. Awesome! Very streamlined approach, I particularly like the idea of the pseudo-vanish of the card as you almost simultaneously reveal it in the box. Awesome.
  3. Cheers guys, thanks for the feedback. I've been playing with card to box a lot recently as it's a plot that really interests me and every working card guy seems to have his own version! And like you said Chris, I've been trying to streamline existing ideas so there's minimal but effective sleights, as a lot of stuff out there requires a fair bit of faffing around, controlling - manouvering - palming - loading etc... I just found the snap deal short cuts all controls / palms into one juicy undetectable move, and is suited perfectly to card to box!

    Was struggling with getting the double snap sound when dealing single handed, but found if you use the pinky of your left hand that's holding the rest of the pack just to slightly clip the bottom left edge of the dealing card as it goes down, you can achieve the loud double sound which really sells it.

    This is my first post but I have some other nice ideas I'd like to share and get some feedback on too, so thanks again ;)

  4. Well you did good ma man! It looks great, really.

    Keep the good stuff coming!

  5. That was pretty awesome. Card to box can be really fishy sometimes but your's looked clean. Most magicians don't look natural when they go to palm a card from the deck after it's controlled, so kudos eliminating a step in the process (control/palm at the same time). Nice music to go with it too, keep up the good work.

    I've been playing around with effects that use the card box as well. The last month has been a lot of fun with Danny Garcias boxsteal, which is one of my favorite moves now. Rich Aviles has a nice idea for CTB move that looks really good as well if you haven't picked up Above the Fold I suggest you do, it's full of clever card material.
  6. Yeah I use the box steal in the routine too... wicked move and lots of potential to be creative with the reveal! Thanks for the ref - Rich Aviles, will check it out, looking for as much card to box reference I can get to really polish it off and make sure I'm not missing anything interesting...

    I also use a version of Kosyta Kimlats - Shculean re-loaded (not sure of spelling) which I arrived at by myself, and then saw he had a version too - snap deal with a double, reveal selected card from box ('x' card stays hidden), then I do a kind of slide move to get purchase on 'x' card under the box as you put selected on top - load selected card back into box as you put 'x' card back in the deck, spectator can reveal themselves then which is nice! Looks really good live as you do the load as they're reacting so there's sooo much time and misdirection, trickier to catch on film ;)

    If you haven't seen Derren Browns card to (under) box routine on the Devils Picture book I'd check it out... I also use the sleeve move he does in my routine as it's very nice indeed and cleverly motivated and very hard hitting.

    Thanks again guys,


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