Card to... You won't be expecting this!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sergey, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Hahaha thats awesome! I wanna learn how to do
  2. Hey, here at T11 we don't condone exposure since it is wrong. Perhaps you should read the rules again.

  3. I was kidding, of course, I even have a feeling that that was setup as a joke video.
  4. Isnt that called exposure?

    Anyway, the video was ok, for some reason I didnt really like it.

    Cheers, Tom
  5. White and nerdy....
  6. I cannot see how that is possible without set up. ;) However, if it is in fact impromptu.... these guys are geniuses....

  7. You guys are so serious and literal. It was obvious he was joking.
  8. hahahha this trick is awsome! if it is (and most likely not) impromptue, or requires some kind of gimmik i would buy it!
  9. I saw this when I first started and thought it the greatest thing ever.
  10. A gimmick that allows someone to secretly insert something into a womans bra...

    Sounds dangerous.

  11. This was on Phenomenon

    I first saw a version of this trick on NBCs Phenomenon. I am not 100% sure but I think Jim Karol Performed it. It was after he was knocked off and one of those in between 30 second performances.
  12. My friend, when you make a joke about the method and stuff please write SARCASM next to it, since it seems that some people don't get simple humor
  13. Oh c'mon you guys, how can you possibly put a crad i nto a woman's bra? Of course it's a joke, and I was joking too.
  14. I'm not about exposure, rules or no rules. However, there is a difference between magic and what is in the video. Would I be saying too much by saying, "Stooge"? if so, please delete my post.
  15. Its on::

    James Coat - Card in What!?

    Believe me, its not as good as it looks...
  16. Won't you get sued for sticking something into a women's bra? :p
  17. All depends on what it is and if you had permission first.
  18. Believe me, you wont... in that video is missing one part.

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