card trick driving me nuts lol

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by najeev01, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. my friend did a card trick which has me beating my head trying to figure it out.

    he spread out all 52 cards on the floor and said to pick one up and look at it after he left the room and then to put it back.
    when he came back into the room he took my hand and pretended to smell it.
    over the next few minutes he eliminated cards one by one until he narrowed it down to a few cards from which he withdrew the card I'd originally picked out.
    this was my deck. it was unmarked. no one else was in on this trick. how did he get that card?
  2. Pirate walks into a bar with a ships steering wheel sticking out of his pants ...

    There's a lot of ways this could be done. I encourage you to study the basics, as it is almost certainly an incredibly simple method dressed up a bit.
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  3. The details that matter are the details that go unnoticed.
  4. this trick got me thinking. how would i recreate this trick? i wanna practice and then surprise him.
  5. I think it's quite obvious...

    He could smell the card on your hand!
    Don't you know that each card in a deck has a very distinct and subtle scent? Only a very trained nose can detect them. He's probably spent hours smelling each and every card to learn their scent.

    In all seriousness, exposure is very much against the forum rules. Listen to ChristopherT.

    And as RealityOne said, people (you) tend to forget details of a trick that are VERY important. Double Cross by Mark Southworth relies on this principle. So even if we could tell you the secret, it's hard to even identify the trick he used based on the information you gave us.

    So basically, do some research. If you really want to know, get some books, find the trick for yourself.

    By the way, if you REALLY want to surprise your friend, get really good at a better trick and show that to him. He fooled you, so fool him back.
  6. yup...which is why when people tell others what I showed them, their synopsis of my performance sound like real magic!
    If I could do what they told others I did...I swear I'd be better than anyone here XD
    Honestly tho @najeev01 even if we did know figure the method out, we couldn't explain it. And the fact is, as said before, you prolly forgot the i portant details, as I'm sure your audience does too :)
    And as for impressing people goes, go ahead and do some more amazing stuff than his! What do laymen care of the method? Whether you force them or use locaters or marks, it matters more whether you smell their hands or look into their eyes :) So you can use a COMPLETELY different method, but if you just remember to smell the audience's hands, for them, you did the same thing!

    Also, know your friend's skill set in advance. There's a quote that is,
    "If someone is weaker than you, spare him. If someone is stronger than you, spare yourself."

    But doesn't matter. How will you improve if you don't pit yourself against stronger people?
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