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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Donatas.S, May 7, 2010.

  1. Ok so this how it looks:
    I show the spectator a deck of cards and i shuffle them. I spread the deck face down and ask to toutch any card they want. I show the card that is chosen and let them sign the card. Then i slowly insert the card to the deck(the spectator can hold the deck if wanted) and give it to hold on to. A lighter is shown. I light it up and wave it under the deck. Then i ask to spread the deck face down. Then one card apears with a burnt back. it is the selection. Everything can be examined.

    What do you think about this trick :)
  2. Sorry to disappoint, but this has been done before, I mean, I used to perform something like this way back... around the time I started magic (!)... nothing new... maybe your method is new, but the trick itself; nope, not new.
  3. ya i saw some1 do this on youtube and he called it mindburner (dont know if thats original name) i figured it out and have been using it for about a month
    a good trick though :)
  4. Not new but great trick
  5. Everyone has performed this atleast once.
    Even Sankey sold this on his DVDs.
  6. Ah, it's not as bad as it sounds. Half of the posts are so overwhelmingly negative. I know I'm guilty of this sometimes, but still.

    Sure, it's not new, and in all likelihood the method isn't either, but as long as he's aware of that, who cares? It sounds like a nice trick to perform. He's not claiming that the trick is the best thing since sliced bread, just asking what we think of the trick.
  7. I know that there are lots of tricks similar to this but i wanted to create my method. I mean lots of tricks look the same but uses different methods. Like levitation tricks. Same trick, different gimmick.
  8. So, can you make the video? I would like to look at the effect in action :)
  9. cool idea bro

    if ur interested, i have a similar thing in the dvd AM/PM, maybe it can inspire u further. after lighting the flame, the lighter vanishes ...then after the card is shown with the burn mark on it, the lighter is reproduced from the burn mark, leaving the card unharmed. Play around with these ideas and im sure you can come up with something awesome.

  10. Thanks Alex. Iwill check the trick you recomended.
  11. It is interesting, but not interesting without a performance.

    Let's see how you worked this out, now shall we?
  12. I agree, be nice to see how smooth it is and what patter you use etc ...

    Put something up on youtube if you can.
  13. I don't think its something new, i have a similar effect but the ending is i show the blue backed card burnt, flip the card to reveal the selection and i show the back again which is still burnt but is now RED .. OMG... GASP :eek:

    I believe my ending is bad, still looking for something better ...
  14. I saw this trick before.Yeah, it is really a great trick.because it creates a new way to find the spectator’s selected card.I like it~:)one thing to mention,don,t tell the spectator want you are going to do next(don't tell them directly that you are going to find their card,only in that way,can you gain a great reaction by them.~:)
  15. Does this trick use any kind of force? If does not, that is sweet.
  16. I dont think that the spectator cares if i do a force or not because they dont know what it is :)
  17. True. If the force is clean and deceptive, I would like to look at it in action. Is it something you came up with (I mean force)?
  18. There is two methods of the force. One is my own created (but i think it was already used by someone) and the other force is from Jay Sankeys DVD.

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