Card Trick That Spells Out "Prom"?

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  1. Hey guys, I would really appreciate some help here. I want to ask a girl to prom, and would love to do it by performing a card trick to her that ends with four (or five) cards on the table, each being marked with a letter, spelling out "PROM (?)". Does anyone know if such a trick exists, or one that could be modified to have the desired effect?
  2. Set the deck up so every fifth card is the A, K, Q, J, 10 of Spades. Set up the next 25 cards so every fifth card has a letter. Tell them you are going to play poker. Ask them how many people are playing. They most likely will say 4, 5 or 6. If they say 4, say "since I'm the dealer, that makes five". If they say 5, say "perfect." If they say six, say, "as the dealer, I"m not going to get a hand." False shuffle the deck and deal five hands with the fifth hand being the person next to the person you want to ask out. Explain, "I an deal the perfect hand to whomever I want. Pick up cards, return to bottom of deck, do false shuffle and repeat. The fourth of five hands dealt will get all of the letters. If you want to add a kicker, deal the next six cards in front of you. After she turns hers over, you turn those six over to spell out "S-A-Y Y-E-S." If you want to go one level more, after those cards are turned up, deal the next five cards face up "P-L-E-A-S-E."
  3. Anything Deck by Paul Harris would work with some modifications.
  4. I am pretty sure my reply would be useless right now, still...:)
    Why don't you force the cards?
    Just saying...
  5. You could do any ace production, but instead produce blank cards with the letters p, r, o, m.
    You can have her pick any 4 cards (one by one) put them on the top and use a ****** lift to switch them out for blank cards with the same letters.
  6. I don't know... it's just me... but I think a rose production would be a little more romantic.
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