Card tricks - Greatest Form of "Magic"?

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  1. This is an introduction,
    I am new to the forums but not to the magic scene so I demand immediate respect and admiration.
    Yes I realize that my username does not correctly spell prestidigitation but that is by design.
    I do not allow mistakes. I am known for my flawless execution. 100% accuracy
    My clever username is Mr.Presidigitation, a combination of president and prestidigitation so there u go.
    I am the president of prestidigitation.
    I have been doing so called "magic" for many years and I was also performing flourishes since before companies started calling them "cardistry" and "XCM"

    I perform card tricks exclusively which I find to be the greatest form of "magic"
    There are no limitations to it and I prefer it over the other lesser forms of magic (coin,prop,mentalism. ect)
    I am a serious card worker and I have spent years perfecting my discipline.
    I have a great deal of information and experience so I will share it with you guys.
    I made this account to discuss "magic" and spread my ideas with fellow cardworkers.

    Lets discuss why card work is the superior form of magic.
  2. you are going to struggle here
  3. Thanks for your reply "seawood",
    No, I don't struggle.
    Everything I do, I do with ease and grace.
    Now give me a proper welcome and discuss the topic of this thread with me.
  4. Is it just me, or do you think very highly of yourself? I understand confidence in your abilities. I know what I can do and what I can't do and I stick to what I can do. Your writing leads me to believe that you think you are special, and while everyone is unique, your abilities don't put you above anyone else here. I'm sure you and Jason England could go move for move, and I'll bet you would find that he could out do you in some areas. I also understand your dedication to your art, and admire that, but again that doesn't make you any better than anyone else here.

    As far as what Seawood said, he wasn't saying that you struggle with your tricks, he was saying that your invitation to discuss cards as the ultimate form of magic was going to be a problem.

    I'm done on this thread until you decide to be humble and not put yourself above everyone else. Thanks and have a nice day.
  5. I'd suggest finding a different attitude or a different forum my friend.
  6. YRAMagicMan I think you got the wrong idea on me.
    I am one of the most humble and modest persons alive.
    Trust me buddy I am by no means stating that I am better than everyone In the world.
    Although I can guarantee and modestly say that my card Knowledge and Understand is vastly superior to that of most.

    I don't know where...let me rephrase that. (Since accepting to not know something makes people seem clueless and foolish)
    I'm not sure where u got the idea that I was advertising myself as THE BEST in the world.

    As to the topic at hand I was merely expressing my preference and proclaiming that cards as the ultimate form of magic imo.
    If you don't believe that I am correct I invite you to express your disagreement with me.
    Thus creating a discussion.
  7. Is this a joke? I seriously cannot fathom an adult human being that is able to think of himself in such a way. Your vanity is astonishing in itself, you don't even need magic.
  8. Mr. Prestidigitation, I invite you to prove your knowledge. Make a video that demonstrates your superior knowledge and understanding of card magic. If it's anything beyond my current understanding of card magic, the I will congratulate you for having studied more than I have. If not, I will have lost more respect for you than I already have. I don't like people who claim to be good at something and then end up being terrible.
  9. It sounds so.. so... arrogant maybe that I can even think it's a trick :D... But as YRA mentioned, why don't you post the video of you performing card magic at it's best and show us your superior "knowledge and understand". Trust me, if you're good, we will call you good (;
  10. as i said . . . . . . . . struggle lol
  11. First of all the name is Mr.Presidigitation, buddy.
    Second of all I never mentioned anything about my card technique and mechanics.
    I don't see why I have to prove myself in that regard since I was merely advertising my card knowledge.
    The level of modern card understanding I possess is impressive.
    It is more about understanding theory and analyzing various aspects of magic.
    Providing my opinion based on experience and or past discussions.
    In regards to your video challenge I love to battle, that's what I do.
    However I am posting in this forum to challenge you intellectually
    After all this is a forum.
    Anyways... nice to meet you kid,
    maybe we can discuss some magic related topics in a different thread.


    You are not allowed to tell me that
    I am a virtuous man. I don't joke, In fact I hate comedy.
  12. Until you find humility, you are not a virtuous man. I have no idea what kind of knowledge you hold insofar as magic, but I am a fervent student of morality and virtue and will gladly battle you on that front. "I am one of the most humble and modest persons alive," even in your claim to modesty you are vain.
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    Wow, this shtick sounds really familiar... what was the name of the complete arse from a couple of years back with the same cockey attitude and stilted diction?
  14. Elite Prestidigitation: (sometime around August 2010)

    "Hello Theory 11,
    Like The thread title says...I am an Elite Prestidigitator...
    Not Just that...I am essentially an Elite in Life....
    The product of a superior education...I am a Role Model's Role Model
    I am what we all should strive to be...
    I can’t be outsmarted...I am flawless..I do not allow failure.
    I posses superior Card knowledge...I am essentially Here to Share with you my vast amount of knowledge...
    To Discuss magic & Cardistry related topics....

    Now that we now more about me lets proceed...."
  15. If you are so knowledgeable, then write a book about it. Don't come to us claiming that you have superior knowledge and being pompous and arrogant about it. I happen to be familiar with the material contained in the works of Jean Hugard, but I don't say that in a way that makes me sound like I'm better than everyone else, instead, I use my knowledge to help others who have questions. If there's something in a Hugard's material that would be beneficial to a member of the community, I will recommend that they check it out.

    Second, I'm not a kid, and I've probably done more magic for more people than your arrogant self will ever do.

    Third, if you have no skill, I have zero respect for you and your claims to knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is power, but only if you know how to use that knowledge. I happen to know, as TylerRouss points out, that by stating that you're a humble person, you automatically are less humble than the man who says nothing. By claiming humility, you put yourself in a self-defeating position because of the nature of humility. This is knowledge properly used, this is powerful. Just knowing something is useless.

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
    Abraham Lincoln
  16. Well, what i can say is Mr. "weird and big arse word", you have to prove what you say if you want people to believe your words, an image is better than a thousand of words and if you're not capable of doing that well, you must work, but first work in your humbleness, that would and should be your first step to become someone. If not, well, just keep playing with your Yu Gi Oh cards. Have a nice day.
  17. Clearly this boy is just a troll. Leave him to his fantasies.
  18. Ok, dear Mr. Presidigitation,
    I (as a not that experienced magician) have a question regarding to a popular subject. Imagine: me ( regular magician) performing a trick that doesn't work 100% and cannot be viewed from all angles for a second or maybe third time ( which is necessary ). Spectators are kind a tough and would make laugh of me if I fail anyways (Let's say they're former prisoners). What should I do in this case? how not to fail? Any advice?
    A really appreciate your hard work and will to share your experience.
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    OMG. You reopened old sores ;)
  20. Too bad it's only Wednesday. The Saturday Night Contest could be a prediction to see how long it takes him to be banned. Fortunately (for us), he won't even make it to Saturday.

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