Card tricks with multiple stooges! HELP?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by joshmaddocks, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Hey, so I have a gig in two weeks Saturday and was in need of some help.

    The client has requested that I perform a trick were everyone is involved and in on except the birthday girl.
    Any ideas? Suggestions?

    Anything at all would be appreciated.
  2. What about a Multiple Selection Routine - you can have everyone
    involved and it is, if presented correctly, really powerful.

    I recommend checking out the Multiple Revelation Project by Andy Gladwin and
    Rob James - in my opinion it's the best DVD to learn more about MS routines...
  3. Paperballs over the head springs to mind.

    Though I've heard that it's very difficult to pull off properly without a lot of training, so I can't say if two weeks is anywhere near enough time to do it.

    EDIT: Just realised you were card trick specific. My apologies, should pay more attention.
  4. You could do some of James Brown's tricks. He uses pure misdirection, so you don't have to give away any real secrets (about sleights you will use) to your party. Here is an example, similar to the paper balls overhead, that James Brown did with a box. Hysterical!
  5. Two weeks? With cards? Not gonna happen. Tell the client that requests like that need to be made at least a month in advance. There's just not enough time to learn an entirely new effect and have it performance ready.
  6. Keep it simple. Presentation big, sleight small. I would recommend something avoiding straight mentalism as its more acting dependent and not everyone can pull it off, let alone a crowd full of layman. Here's a thought. Pull the birthday girl up, pander on about how birthday's are special. Not just because they are celebrations but because it's a anniversary of the moment we come into this world. As such, we are much more aligned with the universe. Our impact and abilities are heightened as we are vibrating in tune with the rest of the universe (or whatever patter you want to use) Tell her you are going to try an experiment to see just how in tune she is with the universe. hand out paper and pens to the rest of the group. Have her think select a card (FORCE THE CARD using your favorite method). Have her transmit that thought to everyone in the room silently. They write down the card that she is thinking of. EVERYONE gets it write. She truly is in tune and a psychic savant. Everyone cheers. (Just remember to key everyone in on what card it is. Make sure they wont forget. Everyone knows what happens and feels included and the attention is all on her and she feels amazing. Simple, straight forward. Only one sleight and it will play big. Good luck

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