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  1. Hey there, I'm new to the scene, I don't know any card tricks, I just think its pretty cool and am wanting to learn some tricks just for the fun of it. Can anyone recommend any dvd, card trick set, etc. that can help out the newbie?
  2. The answer is simple, buy everything on this site. I will guarantee, after you learn everything from this site you will be a celebrity in your city.
  3. I agree. I mean, seriously, who needs the basics?
  4. celebrity status is everything.
    F*** royal road to card magic and erdnase.
    Go straight to the "good stuff".

    But if you waaannt to actually learn this stuff well. I guess you can buy those books.
    And maybe pick up Magic by joshua jay from your local bookstore. Or now you see it now you dont by bill tarr. Maybe.
  5. I hope Theory 11 puts out a Beginners dvd some day. They have tome beginner stuff but most of the Material is aimed towards Intermediate.

    Aaron fishers beginner 1 on 1's were so good I hope something like that gets added again.
  6. That's the worst advice I've ever heard.

    Hi jfoto, welcome to Theory11.

    For a real answer to your question, there are several ways to start card magic. Probably the recommended and certainly one of the best is the book Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue. It's cheap, it's comprehensive, and contains a really well-structured way to learn card tricks.

    A more expensive but more modern approach would be Giobbi's Card College series. Start with volume 1, and if you decide you want to pursue card magic, keep learning with the next volume. It's a pretty significant investment though so start with the first book.

    For a more comprehensive (i.e. magic with all sorts of things, not just cards) beginner's guide, try Tarbell's Course in Magic, which is very extensive, or The Amateur Magician's Handbook by Henry Hay. Joshua Jay's book Magic: The Complete Course and Mark Wilson's book Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic are also fantastic to start off with.

    Hope this helps
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    I agree with praetoritevong.
    start off with one of those books and when you get the basics down try some of the stuff on theory 11. if your looking for a good general over view the only other book i can think of, apart from the ones already mentioned, is the encylopedia of card tricks by jean hugard and jj crimmins. It goes through basic indispensible slights (briefly) and then looks at card tricks with svengali cards, stripper cards, impromptu. All kind of things. A really good overview.

    Hope that helps.
  8. Erdnase is highly recommended as you need to lay down the basics like the double lift. I don't know whats wrong with those guys but the basics are very important. (Off topic : No wonder so many people are leaving this forum)

    Also, you may like to look at certain self-working tricks like Ed Marlo's 21 (If your dad haven't shown it to you already)
  9. If you think my advice is bad, then why are you here? If you think T11 Products are bad when why are you here again?
  10. Here we go again. Just when I thought it was over.
  11. I don't think Prae is saying don't buy the product here, but to create a solid foundation with educational material that will do that. I am not sure why you had to jump the gun on this one, as Prae was giving good advice on how to be good at what you do. If you limit your magic to stuff on this site, and this site only, you must be horrible, because you are missing out on so much.

    Dude, there is SO much magic out there - Prae and I obviously support this site and much of what they offer, but just like one restaurant doesn't offer all the best meals, neither does this site offer the best route for new magicians.

    I would recommend "Easy to Master Card Miracles" by Ammar - he put together a collection of the best effects in magic, by many magicians - and Ammar is a great teacher.
  12. Hi Jfoto.

    I would agree with praetoritevong, before you start buying individual tricks, you need to get the fundamentals learnt first. I started learning with The Royal Road to Card Magic and cannot fault it if you are specifically looking to learn card magic. The structure of the chapters is great for a beginner, starting with the absolute basics and introducing one technique or sleight per chapter, then some tricks using what you have just learnt. If you work through the chapters as they are laid out in the book, you'll soon have a solid set of basic sleights and techniques. The suggested presentations for the tricks in the book are very dated but this gives you an ideal opportunity to create your own style of presentation from the start.

    Until you have the basics learnt, you could be wasting your money buying tricks on their own. Imagine getting your brand new trick, looking forward to amazing your friends when the guy on the DVD says "OK, first thing you're going to do is have a card selected and controlled to the top of the deck using whatever method you prefer."

    Anyway, however you decide to proceed, good luck!
  13. You doesn't think T11 product are bad and he also wasn't imply either. He just giving one of the best advice in card magic ever. Please start with the basic. go with Royal Road to Card Magic it gets the same reaction as the 1on1s. Also its really cheap and if you decide that you don't like magic than you only spent like $13(For the book and deck). After you have the basic down than go the 1on1s.

    Have a wonderful jounrey and welcome the Forums.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.
  14. Exactly as put by the people above me.

    I'm here to correct bad advice.

    I never once said T11 products are bad, and I challenge you to quote me where I said that. There are simply much better starting points to card magic.
  15. ha thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard.

    Listen to pav, visual, and morg, they know what there talking about.

    I suggest you get one good book and one good dvd, and practice practice practice.

  16. Okay now we are going to far. Please don't say his advice is stupid. We need to respect everybodies advice on these forums. His advice wasn't the best neither the stupidest, so chill out. And yes stay away for YouTube.
  17. umm no its not to far when the advice is completely wrong and stupid.

    actually it wasnt even really advice, he asked for card tricks. the guy basically did an advertisement post for t11
  18. About the advertisement post for T11 is true, but maybe this was the route he took( may not be the best route to chose but still ). Well I'm done with this because the OP probably took the best advice........ hopefully.
  19. Learn the following-
    Ultimate Transporsition
    2 Card Monte
    Ambitious Card
    Snap change
    Double Lift
    Top Change

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