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  1. Are these two changes different? They look the same to me. If they are different, where can they be learned (I know Ego is on on of the Danial Garcia Project DVDs).
    Do Dan and Dave teach one of them on there DVDs? Thanks:)

  2. Interesting that you would bring this up I was at Will Houstin's lecture and Will Houstin talked some about the history of this change. I beleive it started originaly as a pass of some sort way back when, then as magic advanced it gained the name cardini change.

    Daniel Garcia's version is slightly different do to the way you old the deck and perform the move. And insted of flicking the card and having it change as in cardini in ego you just hold your hand above the deck and it changes so basically ego is Daniel Garcia's take on Cardini change which dates way back. ( ego is a great change by the way I use it all the time.)

    Hope this helps,

  3. Ahhh. Thanks you so much Christian. I've been wondering about this for quite a while now. Nice to have that cleared up.
    Just out of curiousity, which do you think is better?
  4. I don't know Scarecrow I find cardini to be a little eiser and a little less angle sesitive though for the most part, their the same but I perfer cardini. I usually do ego force followed by cardine change.


  5. Yes the cardini is a more "bam in your face!" change because it happens so fast. I love it and use it all the time, it gets that "what the...?" factor for me. (took me forever to get it down as well as I do now. :p )

    The ego, from what I have seen on performance and practice wise, is more of an updated erdnase change. Danny explains it by "rubbing your hand over the card as you change it." This, to me, builds a bit more suspense for the audience. If you watch Danny's performance of ego (can be found on youtube or wherever), he covers the card and it changes, once his had is removed, the spectator reacts with a nice reaction because he is not sure what is going to happen then the change happens.

    In terms of 'better,' its hard to say. I like the cardini, but thats because I have it down better than the ego. Its also personal preferance. The ego, from what I've heard, is "slower" than the cardini. The angels seem the same, but I could be wrong on that. I would play around with both and use the one that suits you, and it could be both of them, you never know. :)

    Hope this helps!

    Your boy,
  6. Thanks Fezzik! That's exactly what I needed to know. From the sound of what you said, I think I'll like Cardini better (I like the "in your face" kinda feel) but I'll try both and see what I like better.
    Anyway, one more question. Which one of these changes does Dan and Dave teach on there DVDs?
  7. and yes cardini is taught on the dan and dave trilogy
  8. Thank you:)
  9. alright so lets clear many thing up right now:

    The "ego" change started out as the phuges pass, created by George Phuges. Then came the orginal cardini change, which was two handed. There is also a one handed method, which is the Cardini Snap change. Daniel garcia twisted this snap change to make it quieter, and a little more visual. In this "ego" change, the hand is closer to the deck, making the change much quieter, and gives the move better cover as well.
  10. Thanks, much appreciated:) I'll look into both.
  11. A variation of the Cardini snap change is taught in Tivo 2.0. I believe Cardini is taught in the Queens, but I don't own that.

  12. You are correct, they give a different version to fit the effect better, and if I can recall they do teach the correct Cardini in the Queens

    No problem Scarecrow! I love helping, and this is one of my favorite moves so it felt natural to reply :D Your question is answered above :)
    I did not know this history on the move, thanks. I forgot about Phuges pass, its a pretty nice move to get down because you can do a bit extra with the move. (pick up Avenue by Dorian Rhodell to find out-great DVD). Anyway, there are several ways to achieve the same outcome, just find what you like best.

    Your boy,
  13. Ego uses two fingers, cardini uses one (Hope there's no revealation)
  14. You can find the original (I'm pretty sure) description of the Cardini Change in Hugard's Card Manipulations (1934-36), Series 3 under "The Cardini Snap Colour Change". If you have the full compilation of Card Manipulations, the Dover reprint, it is page 46.

    I know it doesn't directly answer your question, but at least you can see for yourself if you have the opportunity - easier to understand once you've read the full description, as opposed to single sentences on a forum.
  15. Actually Ego is a routine by danny garcia, which uses the ego color change (uses 3 fingers, not 2), and a force.
    Cardini is a change, that happens with much less covering, but isn't that soundless ego is. But all in all the changes are very very close together. The grip is nearly the same, and the effect is also.
  16. Thanks guys for all your help:)

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