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Cardistry Battle // Vote Now

Oct 8, 2007
Here is me and Rasmus' battle videos.

Sorry for starting a thread about this, but no one seems to be voting.

Rasmus, here is what I think of your video:

//Good moves
//Nice speed

//Not my taste of music
//A tad choppy

You can do the same to my video.
Sep 1, 2007
I don't really rate videos based on their music.

is this C)S from decknique? anyways I didn't like the complete lack of routining in both videos, using editing to accomplish every single move, I mean at least 10 continous seconds would be great.

Rasmus's video LOOKED incredible. the Vimeo, the awesome camera, the multiple angles (incl a *****en OTS) and the very slick editing. Unfortunately all he did was sybils and not that fast even, it was surprisingly boring for a video only 40 seconds long.

you... also did some sybils... but then you got jiggy with it and did a spring, spread, fan etc which Trashmanf likes :) your cuts seemed a wee bit faster too. Damn I hated all the editing through not even showing the beginning or end of the move in some cases (like starting skater cut at the display wtf) AND your angles were a bit funked up, for example the armspread catch, I don't know what the hell happened, you could have thrown them all on the floor for all I could tell. maybe a dinosaur ate the armspread, it was so zoomed in it's anybodys guess.

I voted for you because you had variety. looks arent everything. but you could definitely use some improvement in the camera/cinematography dept so try to focus on that in your next vid
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