Cardistry cards like high Victorians

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  1. what are good cardistry cards that have the same custom face look and court face cards look while not being the same cards but having the same style look and being great for cardistry.
  2. How do you define "great for cardistry" what makes cards "great" in your opinion?
  3. Mono - X Playing Cards by Luke Wadey.
    Orbit v5 or v6
    Virts FW17! (ik they are old but they handle very well)
  4. hey thanks i have not heard of the mono cards i have orbits and virts so i will try them out but do they have the custom pips and courts
  5. It's not like High Victorian at all, but check out the Pi deck from Jackson Robinson. Really cool deck for cardistry (while still being reasonably usable for other stuff). Similar look (in terms of super ornate design) to High Victorians...the Hellions decks - especially Red Hellions - come to mind. And then just to keep a T11 deck in the mix...go get a Tavern on the Green. Magnificent deck.
  6. yea I just want the custom pips and ornate design

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