Cardistry Film Festival 2011 [competition]

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    2011 Cardistry Film Festival


    1st Place: *20 Decks*+ 1 T11 Download

    Bicycle Holiday collection 2 deck set with tin
    Bicycle Karnival 6 deck set
    Bicycle Transducer Lava
    Bicycle Transducer Fire
    Bee Red Smith Back 1 ivory & 1 cambric*
    Bee Black Smith Back 1 ivory & 1 cambric
    Bicycle Cupid Back 2 deck set
    Bicycle Heritage 4 deck set
    1 Theory11 Download of winners choice ( 15$ limit )

    2nd Place: 7 Decks*+ 1 T11 Download

    Bicycle Alchemist X
    Bicycle Multicolor
    Bicycle Multicolor/Rainbow
    Bicycle Phoenix Deck
    Bicycle Messenger Deck
    Bicycle Elephant Back
    Bicycle Tattoo
    1 Theory11 Download of winners choice ( 15$ limit )

    3rd Place: 1 Theory11 Download of winners choice ( 15 $ limit )

    To thank our sponsors for these wonderful prizes all we ask is *that your entries meet these requirements.

    • We won't be giving a specific guideline for your videos. *Just do what you do but make it at least 2 min. Or longer.

    • Subscribe to MagiciansWorkshop. *(why?) Because Magicians Workshop has been sponsored by BMPokerWorld & Theory11. *It's your way of showing continued support so we can continue events such as this one.

    • Use a deck sold by and mention where to buy it in the credits. *Another great way to say thanks to BMPW for the decks provided.

    • Video Introduction needs to say " Cardistry Film Festival 2011"

    • Must be a video response & featured on your YouTube throughout the duration of the festival.

    • The Grand prize Winner, to make a short video closing this years festival with a special thanks to our contestants & Sponsors.

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