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  1. The names arturo and dont know many cardists around here so yea...... anyone here to flourish -___-
  2. I'm a magician in Georgia but I'm not much into cardistry
  3. I'm a cardist in the north metro atlanta area :)
  4. That's good to hear that theirs at least two people into cards
  5. I just found out about the art. Haven't learned anything yet, but I do live in ATL. Def looking for people to learn from.
  6. I'm in Lilburn, but don't have much in the realm of expertise. Just wanted to holler back to you fellow GA cardists!
  7. I think most of us are barely starting in this subject, but that's great, no one is ahead of each other
  8. Hey everyone, my name's Patrick
    I am into cardistry and live in Decatur (a suburb of Atlanta). Are there any magic clubs in this area that I could go to at some point to try to learn more about this craft? Maybe even go into the magic field a little while I am at it?
  9. I am in a magic club in Georgia but the people there are not into cardistry, and if I be quite honest, the meetings are boring, at least to me. I might quit the club but I am not sure yet. I can give you details about when we meet if you want to go one day because I think guests get like 1 free meeting they can go to or something like that. The only real excitement of being in the club is that you get discounts whenever magicians come to give lectures. Like Joshua Jay and Shawn Farquhar both came here in the past two years and Jay Sankey is coming this September.

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