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  1. Hey guys, so I'm left handed and I'm used to holding my deck in my right hand. The problem is, I learnt some tricks/ moves with the left hand and some with the right hand, which I only noticed recently (maybe its because I learnt most of them from online videos and I tend to mimic what they do, despite me being left handed).
    For instance I learnt the sybil cut the "right handed" way and I do some passes with the deck in my left hand (the right handed way). I also dribble and spring with my right hand, which means they land on my left hand.
    But I do the charlier cut, scissors cut, some of the passes, and most of the flourishes with my right hand, which is the left handed way. (It's only until recently that I start learning new things using the left handed way.)
    At the start it wasn't really an issue because I will just move the deck from one hand to another when performing different moves. But as I learnt more, I start to notice a problem. I'm having difficulties with moves that combine different moves together.
    For instance: I dribble with my right hand and I also do the classic pass with my right hand, so I can't dribble the cards after doing the classic pass.
    And for flourishes like Jackson 5 which combines moves such as the sybil cut, genesis, madonna 3 and the one handed cuts. I'm used to doing the sybil cut the "right handed" way, but the other flourishes and cuts the "left handed" way. Which makes it impossible for me to learn the flourish, as it would mean I have to relearn all the basic flourishes with my other hand.
    When trying to do passes, it also seems weird cause I learnt some of the passes on the left hand but I hold the deck in my right hand, and I need to move it from one hand to the other to do the passes.
    I've actually thought of relearning the moves that I learnt using the "right handed" way with the "left handed" way, but I'm already so used to doing it with the right handed way that I find it hard to put in so much time and effort into relearning something that I've put in so much time into perfecting. Yes I've seen many of the professionals who can perform cuts and flourishes with both hands perfectly but I just don't think that that's what I want to focus on at this moment, especially since I'm a beginner.
    Do any of you have any advice or suggestions? Thank you!
  2. Hey JCSnap! I feel your pain! I learned my coin matrix from Shoot Ogawa and perform the moves off the left as well (I'm a righty.) This isn't prolly going to be the response you want to hear, but I would suggest learning everything the correct way again to be performed left handed.

    Silver lining? You will be able to perform many of these moves ambidextrously! Which most people won't be able to do! So that is awesome! However, if you are noticing this is causing you issues, I would do my best to correct it right away. It will pay off big time for you later on down the line.
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