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  1. I love flourishes, but I've never been able to master any because of two things: Speed and Accuracy.

    Speed I know probably comes with practice over time, so I guess I understand that.

    But what I feel like I struggle with the most is when I am manipulating the card packets, I cannot keep them square for some reason. The packets will always get messy and unsquare, does anyone have tips on this? I really would love to master at least one flourish.
  2. The main reason for messy packets is a lack of practice. Take it really slow, don't try to control the cards that much. Cards are light, it doesn't take much force to move them. Don't overkill the amount of pressure that your fingers are putting out, the cards can't handle it well. In time, you'll figure it out. Just take it slow.
  3. You could always try keeping the packets together with a few rubber bands then take them off once you get the movements down. I wouldn't recommend using the rubber bands too long though because it might be harder to do the moves without the rubber bands then.
  4. I learned the basic Sybil using only four cards to practice, and now I can do it pretty well. So practice with less cards to get the moves down at least then take it slow as Patrick said.
  5. I think it's important to mention here that even the worlds best flourishes drop cards and struggle to keep packets square sometimes. There was an outtakes video of Dan and Dave making loads of basic mistakes while filming the Trilogy on youtube a while ago but I don't remember what it's called.

    It is human to make mistakes, even after practicing cardistry for ten years.

    Also, it's easier and harder to control the cards depending on their condition.
  6. Practise your cuts with roughly half a deck, and when you get the movements down switch to the full deck. Really works.
    You could also use rubber bands, but I'd recommend just using half a deck.

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