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  1. Hey dude,

    Your getting better with the editing! Though don't over due the angle changes - it gets a bit annoying and doesn't look good when done too much.

    As of the flourishing - you had too many molecules. Repitition is only fine to a certain extent. You seemed on the right track with the cuts, but they can definitly be improved. Work on smoothness as much as you can, then speed will develope. Also, the Jackson 5 needs alot of work - keep practicing!


  2. pretty good, I like the music and I think the skill was great too, and take saad's advice...
  3. Nice vid.. man why are you exposing magic.. you uploaded a tutorial of the impulse change a veryy STRONG change... why didnt you post erdnase tutorial :S:S:S why do you do that kind of things? whyyyyy?? what do you win doing that? :mad:
  4. in his channel? I didn't check that out, but if it is exposure, please remove it...
  5. yeahh on his channel, check it out.. I have the people that expose magic :mad:
  6. Hey guys thanks for the postive feedback. Btw i was going to remove it but alot of people asked me not to. mostly magicians watch magic colorchange videos on youtube. I dont think laymen auctually search for colorchange tutorial. but still if alot of magicians dont like me postng a tutorial on it i am happy to make the video private
  7. yes, that would work, that way exposure isn't being done and people who you wish to help, can be helped.
  8. If you want to teach magicians a colour change, get them on msn and show them on webcam, don't put the video on youtube

    As for the video, not bad, just work on smoothness and don't repeat stuff so much :)
  9. Despite what most ppl think but alot ppl that google magic tricks after seeing it somewhere or from his friends are people who have a genuine interest in magic, they just need a good push in to the right direction.

    all that aside exposure is really not a big deal, magic is a performance art and not that much about the trick itself really, as long as u understand that, u get over it. Sure everyone can know the lyrics of a song but not everyone can sing like "......".

    And seriously what are the odds that someone u perform to has seen the effect and know how it works on youtube beforehand? i have yet to come across any, i suppose it is more likely if u only perform recent new effects perhaps?
  10. Looks nice, the editing was good too.
  11. Not bad at all man. That was a pretty good performance except for one part I saw you drop a card. Other than that, very good stuff!! :D
  12. nice video. please remove the magic tutorial though.
  13. Exposure DOES matter. It's giving away for FREE what many people are making their living off of, it is really uncool.

  14. Hey guys

    I know you all think magic expsore is a bad thing and when i started i thought i was a bad thing to but think about it in another way. A new magican wants to learn sme cool magic tricks. it is not harming anyone. I have performed the shakechange to alot of people and none of them told me (Hooo I saw the tutorial on youtube on that)
  15. It's the priciple of the thing. I'm not worried about spectators knowing how we do the moves. I just don't like people unethically learning material that other people took time and effort to develop, and are making some (or most of) their income off of.

  16. well that's a discussion for another thread but it's a fine line to draw.

    If someone made a tutorial for DG's "torn" then yeah that would be unethical for the reasons you listed.

    however some (if not most) of these color changes were invented before most of us were born! And the originators have long deceased...

    for example, would it be unethical to Jeff McBride if I taught the perfect production? is it unethical for dan and dave buck to expose non-original sleights on their DVD because... the people that created the sleight aren't going to make any income off the trilogy!

    I just don't see where you draw the line. Whitemagic isn't profit'ing off of it so why doesn't he leave his tutorial and hopefully get some more people interested in magic?
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    I totally agree.
  18. But in what way are they getting interested? It's a poor justification.

    They find something for free, they then figure that they can learn all they want in this art for free, and that is all that they look for. Free free free, expose expose expose, steal steal steal, etc.

    I'd prefer they got onto the path of supporting the creators/publishers. As it should be.

    True, some moves are ok to teach, but many are not.


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