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    As all of you guys know, RDC has set a great example to us. He has maken a thread about submitting your live magic performances.

    I thought about it today and I want to incorportate it into cardistry and get us active because there's not to much activity in this forum.

    So, this thread is about basically, submitting your flourishing videos into us so we can critique it. You don't have to do any long summaries or stuff like that explaining your video. Just post it here and maybe say a sentence or two about your video.

    Since Decknique is closed I'm hoping that this forum can become more active, right now it's kind of a ghost town. I rarely see many people come on these forums. Maybe at the most, I've seen 10 people on these forums. Usually I see 1,2, or 3 people on the forums. Come on guys! Let's get active into what we love to do! Flourish! :D

    I'm gonna make a video soon but before that, please feel welcome to check out my album
  2. this thread sounds like a good idea so i will try to post a new vid by next week for you guys
  3. Thanks, I hate to see the cardistry section empty. Also, I've seen your videos, keep the good work up! Just practice on smothhness.
  4. Hum. Im filming something right now! Taking a break :)

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  6. hey, if that's a 6 packet cut that you created, kudos, but it needs more work, if its not original then practice it more, btw, you should consider to take your vid down and edit the music out.=)
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    Yeah, but it looks like Lethal X. I'm not sure if it is or not because I don't have Dangerous.
  8. Come on guys! Right now, barley anyone is in the cardistry section! I'm the only one. This is why we need to make this forum more active! I mean, there's still threads here from like 3 weeks ago on the front page! It shows that we haven't been putting time into this forum.
  9. I wouldn't tell him to work on speed, it's smoothness he needs, speed comes later, you want a cut to look fluid and smooth before making it look fast.
  10. I agree with you 100% :D. Couldn't have said it better.
  11. Good to see attempts at making the section more active. I'll try and get a video together at some point.
  12. Thanks, we really need to get this section active!!!
  13. I'm relatively new to cardistry so I'm nothing special ;) I do have a cool 7 packet werm variation that I'll put up on Youtube if my Dad lets me use his camera. I'll post the link when its up ^^
  14. Gotta tell you guys, I don't know if it's just a concidinky or this thread, but I've seen more flourishers in this section!!! I'm so happy!:D:D:D
  15. My First Attempt at Cardistry...

    I don't really flourish, because I find flourishing very hard to learn. I made up my own four-packet cut. Tell me what you guys think (remember, I'm not an XCMer)

    I originally made this for an SNC:
  16. Damn, this isn't working!!! I need to make this more clear to people!:(
  17. What do you need to clear up? This thread is for posting cardistry videos; right?
  18. I filmed this video really quickly, I didnt even bothered editing that much, so yeah, its a sybil-based cut inspired by Daniel Madison retaining the top card.Tell me what you think:

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