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  1. Everyone begins somewhere. Some in the middle of the park watches a man in a blazer flying cards everywhere in a cool crisp movement with smooth moment and you standing in awe saying, "Man, I want to learn that!" Or you can be the guy sitting in his room with a computer watching youtube videos about them and thinking you can do that, but mess up at least a thousand and thirty-two times. It doesn't matter how you got into it, the question is where do you begin. Some study under tutelege of the master of card flourishes, while others like me watch it in youtube trying as much as possible. So to you master of cardistry, for beginners like us, where should we begin?
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  3. Learn one handed cuts, one handed fans, thumb fan, dribble, waterfall, friffle, faro, waterwheel, card spring, than move onto two-handed cuts, like vanadin, than the dynamo shuffle. After you're comfortable with the dynamo shuffle, other similar cuts will become a lot easier, HOWEVER, cuts with completely different mechanics will not be any easier, like bubblewrap, which involves spinning packets against your hand, is totally different from the way the dynamo shuffle works, and is quite difficult if you don't have any experience with the style of the flourish. Hope that helps, anything I mentioned should be findable on youtube if you just search it, like "X tutorial". It's also worth mentioning, that the really good cardists, have been doing it for 5 or more years, often more. But you can get pretty far in a year with heavy practice
  4. There is no such flourish as the "Dynamo shuffle." That's a bastardized term for the 5 Faces of Sybil by Chris Kenner. People saw Dynamo doing it and went, "o lel he iz famus in briton, lets call that the dynamo shufful!"
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  5. Are you sure he didn't get his name from the Dynamo Shuffle, instead of the Dynamo Shuffle being named after him? I don't actually know why he goes by Dynamo though, just a thought.
  6. What are you talking about?
  7. Chris Kenner created "5 Faces of Sybil" a while ago. Since then, there have been many variations and Dynamo may have altered the sequence a bit, but ultimately, the "Dynamo Shuffle" is Chris Kenner's creation.
  8. Yeah, the variations are similar enough to be called the same thing anyways.
  9. Agreed.

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