Cardists and Stereotypes?

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Do you think Cardistry is linked to Stereotypes?

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    There has been a question that has intrigued me for a long time and I would like to see the views of other people on this question as well. Do Cardists or people who perform Cardistry face stereotyping? As a person who does Cardistry myself, I have been asked many times if I was able to do magic tricks, although I have informed them that I do not. Is it normal that people view anyone holding a deck of cards in public as a magician? Since then I have always wondered whether other Cardists face this problem as well or other problems. It would be great if everyone shared on this post.

    Have you found out any link between Cardistry and Stereotyping? What are your experiences?

  2. First if all i love your use of images and borders in this post. Looks great! Secondly i think there are stereotypes for lretty much everyone lol but if you want to know specifics, yes i am sure there are plenty of stereotypes for cardists.

    One i have heard personally from several people is that cardists generally think they are better than magicians. I always think it is silly hearing this because they are not even the same artform.
  3. In today's culture the only things people know about that use cards are card games and magic. If you're standing around with cards, you're probably not playing a card game, so they're going to assume you're doing magic.

    I suppose that is a stereotype, but I've always associated stereotype with a negative connotation. I think this is just a case of people seeing something out of the ordinary and trying to sort it into a place in their mind.
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  4. I agree with Christopher. I think the stereotype is not because cardists are stereotyped, but because playing cards are stereotyped.

    If you are not using playing cards for card games, and are doing flourishy type things, then you must be into card magic, right? That's what most people think, simply because they have never been exposed to cardistry, and they assume you must do card magic.

    I think it's just because cardistry is a new art form that most people are entirely unfamiliar with. Over time, perhaps that may change, if cardistry continues to grow and mature, and becomes more well known.
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  5. Cardistry is not very well known while magic is really commonly known... I feel like this is to be expected yet still annoying to be a cardist and be treated like a magician. There is nothing we can really do besides push cardistry more mainstream..

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