Cards aren't Everything... I Think

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tsarothpaco, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Well I was stopping by E to check what Celebracadabra's showtime tonight was, and I noticed a new Street package. They're selling How to Do Street Magic for cheap and with some bonuses....I saw this.

    FREE GIFT #2: Custom Black Playing Card Deck so you can perform Magic Tricks like the pros (Normally $6.99).

    Playing cards aren't the canvas of card magic, they're the paint!
    Please give me your two cents on putting cards above skill, I've heard enough of playing cards being more important and this was the last blow to my anger.
  2. Heres a thought: Talk about it... on ELLUSIONIST! That is where the package is! BLAH!
  3. Its not about E!
    The talk about the prize P*ssed me off and I wanted to address the fact that people are talking about cards over skill, E didn't start this talk.
  4. well theres really no question as to which matters more, cards or skill.
    if anyone buys this package as a beginner they will realize that the moves matter more than the $7 deck of cards. In my opinion though i think that E is trying to get beginners hooked on their decks. If you had started with a deck of guardians wouldn't you have higher standards and be more likely to keep coming back? You can't be mad at E for doing this, i mean they have to dish out $100,000 at the end of Celebracadabra to the winning celebrity, so its understandable that they would make an attempt to bump up sales :p.
  5. Good god...

    This has no correlation to E other than I saw this and wanted insight about cards vs skill! I see how you misunderstood, just know i'm talking about people thinking cards are more important, E was a kickstand to this discussion.
    Hope yuo know understand.

  6. Dude, maybe you should just calm down and lie on the couch for a minute. I'm sure E would answer your questions if you send them a support ticket.
  7. I agree with your assessment of everyone who has replied so far. That being said, I don't hear any magicians saying cards are more important than skill. It sounds like you're reacting to a line of marketing, not true magician opinion. Lines like this will never go away, because every magic company will likely spit out a line like that just to try and sell some cards.

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