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  1. I have seen a display where the magician produces card after card from what appears to be his finger tips and its as if he is pulling the cards from mid-air. Anyways, just seeing if anyone would know what this routine is. Just something I've been wanting to know for awhile now. Thanks.
  2. I saw those routines on TV too. It was a magic competition and many of them did that as part of their presentations. It was such that they never seemed to run out of cards, they kept throwing them and lots of it was just scattered on the floor.

    Can't help much here, because I would like to know as well. :D I'd probably stick to Tenkai's and the like. Plus, I can't really see me producing that many cards considering that's not how I perform, so again, Tenkai's would do for me.
  3. I would say its backpalming. I've seen some magicians do this kind of trick.

    They backpalm about half a deck and just keeps producing cards...
  4. cardini single production by jeff mcbride
  5. 2 words:

    Jeff McBride!
  6. yeah,,,, ok, thats what i said.:confused:
  7. Jeff McBride - Art of Of Card Manipulation series...

    Particularly volume 2.
  8. Either its the tenkai palm or the back palm.
  9. card manipulation, and one of the best is Jeff McBride
  10. Cardini single production by Cardini ;)

    That "trick" is actually a one area of stage magic, called "Card Manipulation". Jeff McBride does have a good DVD set on subject, or so I've heard. It is really, really difficult branch of magic.
  11. Gregory Wilson teaches a simple four card production from mid-air in his DVD "Card Stunts". It's probably not what you're looking for, but it matches the description.
  12. I lol'd :D

    McBride series rock. Jeff Sheridan also has a manipulation DVD. There are some books also out there but it's a lot easier to learn this stuff from a video.

    It'll take a hellish amount of practise to get this stuff down. That is pretty much the only reason why there is not too many stage card manipulators out there.
  13. The best source to find this type of magic would probably be Jeff McBride's "The Art Of Card Maninpulation". If you are looking for "backpalming", get volume two of that series.

    @ Ineski,

    Most stage magicians do card manipulation. It is probably also one of the easier types of manipulation around.
  14. I disagree.
    I know many people who are not afraid of practising, but they just don't like card manipulation.
  15. Woops, I re-read my post, I didn't notice my exaggeration. I agree with that one^

    However, I know a bunch of people who claim that it is physically impossible for them to do manipulations even if they'd love to do it. Just as an irrelevant note, McBride talks about different kinds of excuses people have when it comes to reasons for not learning card manipulation. (Small hands, not enough time etc.)

    RichmanMatthew, you are the first person ever who I've heared to say that stage productions are the easiest type of manipulation around. I've worked on manipulations for some time now and disagree completely. So, could you please tell me what kinds of manipulation you think are harder? Balls? Silks?
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    Probably true, but it is irrelevant to say that everyone wants to do card manipulation and find excuses for their fear of practise. True for some, or many.

    But I do agree that if more people would bother practising what they want instead of making excuses, there would be more manipulators around. And that would only exaggarate similarity of most manipulation acts.
  17. Notice my edit :p
  18. look at my review of jeff mcbride art of card minipulation v 2 its not super hard but does take lota practice the single isnt too hard but some of the fans and steals are crazy

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