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  1. Okay so the fist thing is the "Cards in a Balloon" trick. Does anyone know where to learn or buy the trick (I already know the pressure part of it.) Thanks for the help with that, and now my second question. Does anyone know how long it takes for "Overstuffed" to be delivered with standard shipping. Thanks for everyone who is helping my I really appreciate it this is my first time using theory11.
  2. There is not just one card in balloon effect. The classic has nothing to do with pressure. Shawn Farquhar has added it but it is not available to the general public.

    Kevin James has a version it is taught here:

    Jay Sankey's Version is taught here:

    He has a couple other versions as well on various other DVDs

    Daniel Garcia's is taught here:

    It is also taught on the Garcia Project.
  3. With your question about Overstuffed, that depends where you live. Contact support.
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  4. I assume you are referring to the routine Franco just did in his special. It was a combination of Pressure and Sankey's Airtight (and a LOT of editing)

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