Cards Will Burn

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  1. Looks good!
    Here's something I'm waiting for. . . . .
  2. Meh. Mostly gimmicked stuff...
  3. Hmm... I'm not sure what to think. Looks cool, but extremely gimmicked.
  4. I dont think its all gimmick I believe most of then are gaffs, for ex: burning hole thru a card just cut a whole in the card and past the fire over the edges an it will give the look as the fire went thru the card
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    It makes me cry to see cards tortured like this.
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    ... Amazingly original and definitely a new revolutionary best-kept secret in magic.

    On the plus side, maybe he teaches that very mystifying signature change of his on this one then? I always thought it was the blink gimmick lol, it'd be great if I was wrong.
  7. That's crazy cool. Some of it was kind of obvious though but it's an amazing concept. Also, at :18-:23, it looks like Daniel is using "CHANGE" to change the two to a gimmicked two, or the burned card or whatever. Did anyone else notice that? When I get the money I definitely want to purchase this. :)

  8. eh, not really impressed, just some color changes and some gimmicks.
  9. i dont really do magic per-say (the odd 'buck style card trick) but i would love this as i love lighters and pissing about with old cards... :D
  10. Does anyone know where the melody at the begining of the clip is from. I definitely heard it somewhere. Anyone know?
  11. :eek:. Omg. I am DEFINANTLY picking this up.

  12. its limp bizkit-all that easy
  13. Some classic 'forumesque' comments going down in here then
    As always a bumbling advocate to the d+M=? i shal offer a little more insight into Burn...
    I'm sure you'll be able to judge Burn better when the effect list is released.
    d wanted to make a new artistic video and took this opportunity to do so, and as it's a pure studio video, with no spectators, we were limited as to which of the 22 effects from Burn that we could perform for a camera, the main effect that you see throughout the vid is clearly the more visual 'stage' effect, we also touched on a few other effects quite randomly without explanation, but due to the limits we could only go so far before filming more spoilers.
    Burn is a close-up performance based book dealing with effects that in some way involve fire, heat or (mainly) burns, the effects are very personal and one of my concerns was that the trailer would not portray the depth of material in the book, however, the man is not without a plan, lets just say that the Burn trailer is the piper playing his pipe
    Anyways, you gotta love the fact that it's d being d again after playing the geek in the dangy outtakes vid!
    More on Burn will be posted at the site tomo, but as usual i'm sure one of you guys will beat even us to it!
  14. We shall try our best!

  15. It's a book!? That part I am excited about. I've always liked books a lot more than DVDs.
  16. Its a pdf dpwnload, actually. Atleast I'm pretty sure it is.
  17. Burn

    looks SICK!
  18. Wow!

    WOW!!! That looks really cool. Hmm.. don't think I will buy it, but it looks like it could be a similar handling to CHANGE? What do you guys think?
  19. R3man said it is a book. Check his last post.

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