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Jan 6, 2011
OK, there is officially more sold out cards than in stock cards on the T11 website. They really need to get them back in stock, and maybe some new ones??? :) Just looking for the status of the new/restock cards for this website. I heard they were only a few weeks away, but that was 6 weeks ago.
Aug 31, 2007
just be patient, they will come in good time. i would rather they take there time and get the quality right as apposed to rushing them
Dec 26, 2009
I think in the past 3 weeks I have seen roughly 5 new threads started all wondering about the new printing of the sold out cards. The funny thing about this is Legendary (OP) was the one who started this fad 3 weeks ago with this thread New T11 Cards, where Legendary asked almost the same exact question word for word, and the second response was from J. Bayme were he stated "...and should see many of the decks currently sold out return in the coming weeks (including Stingers!)" That was 3 weeks ago so if I had to guess the new printing of the sold out cards should be right around the corner. SO QUIT ASKING!
Sep 3, 2007
I was just wondering the same thing. There are so many out of stock cards on there that I keep wondering why they keep them on. Some of these decks were out of stock for so long, that I am wondering if they plan to reprint them, or are they there just to make the selection look bigger? The 'Brown Wynn Casino Playing Cards' were out of stock for over a year if I am not mistaken. Anyone know which ones are going to be reprinted in the near future? I wouldn't mind getting some Smoke+Mirrors, Stingers and Split Spades.
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