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  1. Does anybody else have the problem of the last 2 - 3 cards flying off the moment you "kick open" the fan? I do, and if it's possible might anybody be able to tell me why? :x. I followed the tutorial on the trilogy very closely and I still can't figured why after repeatedly watching it. Thanks!
  2. I can't really say much without a video of your performance, and even then, I'm no fanning expert. I will say this, however...

    Just stick with it. When I first learned the Carnahan, it was basically cards flying out everywhere. I practiced it for a week or so, got it a bit down, then stopped doing it for about a week. I came back to it, and it got better. I kept practicing for a stretch of time, and slowly got it down without even realizing it. So...

    1) Muscle memory, keep at it.
    2) If you've reached a plateau, take a rest

    I'm no guru though, but I hope this helps.
  3. Ok i had this problem what you do is start with half a deck and you dont need a pop you just do it slow i do it with stingers it looks better and shows you have more control then slowly start progressing the speed and adding more cards say every 2 perfect fans slowly then speed up!
  4. Also try and hold it a little lower. I know it says to hold it high on the Trilogy but that is because Dave's hands are massive. Try it. It worked for me.

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