Cascade Control Demo

Sep 2, 2007
Your handling of cards is very fluid. Very impressive.

Your Erdnase two handed transformation, first method, needs a bit of work - you pushing the card forward is too obvious.

But the control was flawless. Nicely done.
May 13, 2008
St Albans, UK
Beautifully executed control.

Remember to push the card forward with your pinky as you place your hand on the deck rather than openly pushing the card forward.
Great job.
You've improved, come to mebeam sometimes you owe me some tips :)

Hahaha Eddie. Next time my parents aren't home. They think I'll get raped. But at the same time, they let me stay in the auditorium of a hotel until four in the morning with strangers in Louisville at IBM/SAM.

BTW Tom: If by some odd chance you're reading this, I learned what I can do with my hands. :D
Jul 13, 2008
VERY good. Also about the erdnase, instead of pushing the card forward, my first finger pushes the deck back except for the top card, of course. Then I do the change. Hope this isn't exposure.
Sep 4, 2007
Hey Matt i know you leant me the book at camp, but max and i couldnt read it for we were jamming till three in the morning on some mentalist stuff. So when you come monday, you better teach me this control. Also bring the coin stuff too.
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