Cascade Control

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  1. My friend taught me this move to me, but he goes that he didn't fully understand the description on the move.

    So if someone can pm me and i'll tell you how i've been taught how the move is executed and whether it is correct or not.

    Thanks :)
  2. sounds like you just want to learn the move and dont really have any clue. whatever.
  3. You started a new account just to say that?

  4. That's why i wanted to tell you how i've been taught and then you can tell me if it's correct or not.
  5. Why don't you just buy one of the sources to learn it? You won't regret card finesse 2.
  6. I can't seem to find card finesse around anywhere and the ones i have found are to expensive so i just want to know if i have been taught the correct version :)
  7. why dont you post a video and then we will tell you, ok?
  8. CF2 isn't very expensive or hard to find. L&L pub. still prints it.
  9. You can get Card Finesse Volume II from L&L publishing directly at their website which is

    Also, if you wait until October, I will be teaching the move in Reel Magic Quarterly. I use the method from Card Finesse Volume II. Finally, if you are bothering to learn a move such as the Cascade Control, learn it correctly. Learn from people that do the move perfectly. Don't take the easy way out by making up your own method that is "easier". Spend the 40 dollars and buy Card Finesse Volume II or buy the October edition of Reel Magic Quarterly when it comes out for less than 10 dollars.
  10. ...Wait, you're going to teach it? Why? Did you get permission?
  11. I was just about to say the same thing, if you do i'm buying it for sure.
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    I have permission from both Jon Racherbaumer and Paul Chosse. The handling in Card Finesse II is actually Paul's.
  13. Cool stuff, where can you get hold of Reel magic quarterly?
    I;ve liked the look of this control since I first saw it.


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