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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Simon, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. not to promote Ellusionist or anything but i do believe Mr. Christian released a series of full shadow masters pictures recently.

    unless i'm really slow.

    they look pretty good,

    but i still think guardians are my no. 1
  2. I don't think that anyone is going to give you "the business" just for saying that you've seen the images of the Shadow Masters cards. So, no worries. =)

    Yeah. I like em' too. I'll most likely buy a brick of them along with the 2nd edition black ghosts coming early 1st quarter 2008. I've always been partial to black decks, and I must confess...the UV500 air flow fisnish. I'm glad that Brad's last podcast actually explained why no other company can come out with a deck that has the UV500 stock and finish.

    I love the Guardians...don't get me wrong, but I'm not so sure if I'll actually use the 2nd edition Guardians much after the others come out. I'm not knocking Theory11, but I'm sure I don't need to elaborate further on that.

    Shane K.
  3. Its alright to promote any magic site here! Theory 11 staff made that pretty clear. We have freedom of speech here thankfully. :p Mr. Christian did release he pictures and they look amazing. I have not purchased any decks from Ellusionist or here so I would not know which decks are better.

  4. I couldn't agree more.

    Shane K.
  5. He also put out a podcast about releasing the Black Ghost deck in early 2008 as well incase some people missed it here's a low-down.

    Shadow Masters will be released November 23rd for $6.99 Each

    Their Christmas sale will start the same day and here is how the tiering works:
    $75 spent- Prize X
    $175 spent-Prize X and Y
    $350 spent-Pirze X,Y and Z

    And the Black Ghost decks will be sold at the beginning of 2008 during January-March. They will be $8.99 each for a single. $7.99 each in a 3 pack. And $6.99 For 6 decks.

    I may be wrong so if someone can correct me than go ahead.

  6. i wonder if they will have some kind of identification stating they are second edition black ghosts.

    it'll kill their collectible qualities i think.

    it's a shame because although i don't own a black ghost deck, or any jerry's nuggets (except my signed 9 of hearts) i am into collecting decks of cards. they were on my list but will they be worth it now?

    i will most likely put in a purchase for christmas then. wonder if
    T11 will have some christmas special. i know i'm interested in the ultra gaff, CIB's and perhaps strained skin from E.
  7. The Black Ghosts will say Second Edition on them to keep the first edition valuable and the people who spent hundreds on them still get their moneys worth.

    As for what T11 is doing, no one knows except T11 themselves....maybe Jack The Magician since he's almighty, as well as Michael Ammar since he knows everything but, for us normal-folk, it could be a huge thing, or nothing at all.

  8. After the Shadows are out, no one is going to buy a black tiger deck again. Ever. I mean... Shadow Masters! much better looking... same price.

  9. Well there's always loyal fans out there who are in love with a specific deck. I personally won't though the one I got clumped after about 4 or 5 days...rather disappointing.

  10. I've only been the owner of one deck of black tigers. I'm not going to lie...I loved them. I'm just weird when it comes to custom decks and the ace of spades. I'm not too fond of a custom deck just having a normal ace of spades. To me, that's like...a birth mark or something. It identifies who you are.

    Shane K.
  11. well i'm pretty sure it is against the rules to advertise. they said that if your product was really good, it would sell itself. anyway, they are truly amazing. i dont know if i'll buy a brick but 3 or 4 definitely. omg that joker is soooo awesome.

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