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  1. Not gonna lie sometimes I wish someone else wrote the Wand Street Journal, because I’ve been out of the loop for a little bit. I haven’t been as deep in the community as I wish. So I ask you guys:
    Can you catch me up?

    What’s been going on? Any new deck or tricks release in the past 2 months? I saw Theory 11 released some puzzle or something the other day only at targets. But I don’t know anything about it. I saw their was a deck named after a river from I think theory11 or maybe it was ellusionist..

    (I purposely did 0 research so I could look as stupid as possible for comedic effect.)

    Speaking of E, any idea what their latest gimmi- uhhh I mean BRAND NEW REVOLUTIONARY IDEA THAT WILL CHANGE THE GAME is?

    Any big stories? I heard Ramsay was partnering up with some companies but that’s all I know. Speaking of which How’s dm been doing after the huge Madisonist thing? Has his deck reviews been any good. Or anything else you guys want to talk about.

    I know this is bizzaro for most of you knowing how much I try to stay on top of the whole magic news thing but school has really taken a toll on me. So please educate me you find people!!
  2. I do. But considering you're insulting the company I have worked at for over five years, not super inclined to be helpful.
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  3. I'll help since no one seems to 'get it'.. lol

    Ellusionist came out with Pyro Pen.. yes it's a sharpie that shoots fire.
    The trailer looks great, however with the money E spends on Production value, they could make toilet paper look amazing.. lol

    Theory 11 has released a board game in collaboration with Neil Patrick Harris called Amazed. It's a puzzle/riddle solving game available exclusively at Target.

    Murphy's has released Gripper Coins by Rocco. Hand made coins with rubber edges making it easy for even the inexperienced coin magician to do amazing things. Definitely picking this up!

    Lastly, Ninja + Sessions by the incomparable @obrienmagic . Taking Ring magic to another level. Also on my magic shopping list.

    America's Got Talent winner..... Shin Lim
    His hair took second place....

    Also Jibrizy Still thinks he's better.....

    That's all I've got... Cheers!
  4. Good lord, he hasn’t learned from his last string of kerfuffles?

    I don’t wish ill will on anyone, but he’s in a weird position that if he ever wants to advance further in the community, he needs a complete marketing overhaul—which he won’t do because that’s almost be marketing suicide for him.

    But the only way he will maintain YouTube views and keep eyes on him is if he continues the antagonistic path he’s on.

    He honestly peaked at Fool Us. Between the controversial win there and the string of stuff that he got called out for afterwards. I figured he’d have had a long look at that are started to change direction.

    He does have a lot of potential. If he doesn’t overhaul his mentality and image, I can see his channel burning out and he’ll still be able to make a living by doing small shows in his town; he’s plateaued.

    I hope he will do better in the future. Especially if he still claims to be better than magicians who have their own Vegas shows. It’s a high bar set. But he’s in his own way.

    Sorry, kinda went on a tangent.
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  5. I think you mean my heart
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  6. This might be the only time I defend Jibrizy but I genuinely think he fooled P&T (to an extent).

    People seem to think that he lied about the Slydini vanish but from watching other performances, I really don't think he used this sleight. And I don't think he intentionally pulled a Jay Sankey and did that move on purpose with the intent of throwing off Penn and Teller, although that was still the end result.

    The Jerx pointed out awhile ago that the Slydini table vanish is possibly the most natural looking coin vanish out there. If you ask someone to pick up a coin from a table, most people slide it off in the exact same way one would do a Slydini vanish. On the other hand, if you ask someone to hand you a coin they're holding, they won't pass it from one hand to the other. They just hand it to you. That's Andy's logic behind this claim and I personally agree.

    I feel like many magicians familiar with this sleight may forget or overlook the fact that it the motion a perfectly normal way to pick up a coin from a table. Especially on Fool Us where Penn and Teller are on the lookout for any sleights they can see. I think it's totally possible they thought they saw a sleight that simply wasn't there.

    I'm like 90% sure I know how "Sweet Penetration" is done (albeit having seen him do it multiple times) and it seems to be a very simple concept. I'm sure Penn and Teller would have gotten it if they had a second guess.
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  7. To be on Fool Us, you have to perform your routine for Johnny Thompson before being on the show. Included in this is revealing the effect in total to him.
    Neither Penn nor Teller have seen the routine, unless obviously online or at a show.
    They give their thoughts on the routine they just saw. It is up to Johnny Thompson if they are fooled or not.
    This info was revealed on Penn's Sunday school show just after the Jay Sankey incident.
    Now on to Jibrizy.. he is an easy target to pick on.
    I used to be friends with him on Facebook, when I used FB. He was a very kind and sincere dude. He offered a lot of tips and help to me.... for free lol.
    Just my opinion but I think what he is doing now is building a character. Trying to create something to keep him relevant and talked about.
    Its definitely working. He still appears on CW's Masters of Illusion. He occasionally does magic at Chicago Bulls games.
    I just really hope I'm right about that and he's not a narcissistic piece of trash lol

    Just my two cents....wait... if it's a penny for your thoughts..but you have to give your two cents..someone making a penny.

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