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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Spidey, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys!

    This is Spidey, and I would personally like to thank all those of you who purchased Celebrity Match. The results were PHENOMENAL, the feedback is EXCEPTIONAL and thanks to you guys, Celebrity Match spent 3 days as the best seller on the WIRE. I was so happy to see this because it is one of my favourite mental effects to perform.

    I want to know, how are you guys liking it? Do you guys have some interesting stories that happened while performing Celebrity Match? Some good reactions? Comments, questions?

    Anyways, I'm very happy it did so well and I'm sure I'll have a chance to hear from all of you at some point whether it is now, soon or in the future, but please feel free to let me know how Celebrity Match (or any of my effects) is working out for you!

    Thanks alot guys, and thanks to Theory11, trust me guys they are working hard to bring you the best service possible.

    Bedros Akkelian (a.k.a. Spidey)
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    Hi Spidey,

    I just bought it and I think it's really fun routine and it get's great reactions, but I don't like one restriction that the effect has. Without revealing too much, I don't like that I need that one thing for the final reveal, because where I work they don't let me have those, so I'm screwed from the start. If you can PM me with a method that can use something else instead of that one thing, I would be very grateful.
    Other than that I like the effect and if I find the solution to that problem, I will definitely use it every day.
  3. solution

    So it's not that you dont like it, it's that you like it so much that it aggravates you that you can't do it due to the restriction. Hehe

    I'll PM you with the answer to your question :)

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    I would like to state for the record. I *have* purchased this, I *have* worked it on the streets, and I *can* tell you... It's a worker. definitely. Is it for everyone? No. It's very much an effect for one who can convincingly perform. I say this because there are some effects that require no stage presence, just a dedication to cards. This is an effect that's so easy to perform (easy to perform, not to figure out. [it's flawless]), that you most certainly need to be able to present the patter along with it.
    But if you're looking for a clean, fun, powerful mentalism effect to leave in your pocket and perform whenever (I'll say again: whenever), then get this.
    Just to let you know how much of a professional Spidey is, he even went to the trouble of responding to a message I sent him, and he gave me some pointers on how to perform this effect better.
    I've never been happier, I'll be using this everyday for the foreseeable future.
    Thanks Spidey. I'll definitely use this in my next street magic video.
  5. Nathanael, I think that you and I have different definitions of "worker", to be perfectly honest. When I see the word "worker" used to describe a magic effect, it implies that it is one that can be used professionally. I do not believe this to be the case with this effect due to its nature. This in and of itself is not a criticism of the effect, more how you described it. I also question whether you know the difference between mentalism and mental magic.

    As for the effect itself, I think it's workable. More specifically, I think it's a decent effect that clearly gets good reactions. I think that for the discerning performer, there are better things out there. The principle is not new, and has been published before. More has been done with it by others, and I would suggest that those looking for the strongest effect possible should continue looking. However, for the casual performer of mental magic who seeks an effect without the research required of a serious mentalist, it is not a bad option.
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    He has a prediction. They (using props) come to their own end. To which he has accurately predicted its outcome.
    Do *you* know difference?
    But let's put aside semantics, it *is* a worker. You said something that can be done professionally. And who do professionals like Spidey work for? Laymen. To them, there's no level of differentiation between this and most other mentalism effects. It's all magic, and most of it is impressive.
    If you don't think this is a worker, ask Wayne Houchin or Spidey; I think they'll tell you differently.
  7. Agreed. I did this yesterday for the first time and FRIED a table full of people. It is a worker because it is sure fire. It is a worker because it is impossible. It is a worker because you can use it on a day to day basis, and you WILL use it on a day to day basis once you master it and see the reactions.

    I don't know Spidey, but I do know this trick kills. Prae, I know you like to pick little fights with people (this is the second I have seen this evening from you.) Sometimes you border on crossing the line with remarks like "I also question whether you know the difference between mentalism and mental magic." Don't pick fights unless you are the big fish in the pond. The term you use "mentalism" does not appear as you mean it in the English language, except in the niche of magicians and mentalists. The word has much less of a defined meaning than you try to put to it. In general, across the magic community, mentalism refers to effects just like this. It works because that is what the community uses. It has a meaning to us. Trying to throw your own meaning of the word from your own unique background to people who have a different meaning is what happened with Cardistry and XCM. It is a worthless fight. Don't bother going there.

    Awesome job with this Spidey. It is a killer.

  8. Thanks guys!

    I really appreciate the feedback :)

  9. Lyle,

    First off, the trick is really nice. I've bought it, and have fried a few people as well. Is it REALLY a worker though? Would you put this in your walk-around set where people could watch you perform it 2 or 3 times? For me, the word 'worker' means instant reset, can be performed for people more than once (Some people like to follow me and see more magic after I finish with their little group).

    It really depends on what your gig is. If I was performing for 1 group of people only, then I might add this to my set.

    If you're a professional walk-around magician, then no this effect is not a worker. If you're a bar magician that has regulars, this is not a worker. If you're hired to do corporate parties, or for events where you perform one set, then this is a worker.

    Again, this is only my opinion. Everyone has one. But, Prae has been here a long time, and has added a lot to this community I believe. So I'm not just going to throw his post out the window just because someone very new to the community has a disagreement with him.
  10. Also,

    Nathaniel, he didn't ask if you knew what 'Mentalism' was. You should re-read his post. He clearly states, "do you know the difference between mentalism and mental magic?"

    So I don't think you handled your response well, take off your angry pants and cool off.
  11. Guys,

    No need to argue here. The issue is simple, and the misunderstanding is not about the effect its about the definition of the term worker.

    I work in walkaround situations and i also do close up shows for small groups. This has a place in my close up show and is performed ONCE during my walkaround set... but the time i use this MOST is at parties in social situations... its such a social effect you know.

    SO if your definition of worker involves repeatable: NO it is not a worker, its just a real cool NON worker trick lol

    If your definition of worker is more along the lines of "packs small, plays big great reactions instant reset" : yeah its a worker...

    In my opinion: Its great, strong, very WORKABLE....but not a worker. thimble magic....now THATS a worker! (sense the sarcasm anyone?)

    thanks guys :)

  12. One thing I don't like is the weakest reveals occur at the statistically most common numbers. I will happily discuss this further in a PM

    In regards to these being a worker or not, it is a very open question and I could easily see this being repeatable just not on the same group. As an aside discussion merely stating you were influencing someone does not make it true, there are plenty of paths you could have taken but didn't (I am aware you may have intentially left them out but if this was a paying audience why would you.)

    Whether this is mentalism or not is the easiest question of all. Simply it is not atleast in its current state, things could be used to make it more or a mentalism effect but right now it misses the mark. Although it is a nice piece of mental magic.

    Aside 2 in a nut shell if the effect feels like real mind reading (whether psychic or psychological) then it is mentalism if it looks like a trick then it is mental magic. Why this is not mentalism;
    1. The cards, double blank playing cards look like a magic prop because they are. Laymen have never seen them so they instantly become suspicious. To fix I would use index cards or the back of a business card.
    2. The selection process, you openly display names if you ask the spectator to think of one why do they need to count, it seems like you are adding a procedure that makes no sense. However if the names were in envelopes then it would be justified to count them. An alternative wouldl be a well justified equivocal procedure
    3. The presentation (I wont go in to hard on this because you may have toned it down fir the demo.) All the effect was that you asked them to think of a number not a celebrity and it matched your prediction. TA Waters said it best that prediction effects are the hardest to sell as real mind reading, if you were to ask someone to think of a celebrity and NW through a window envelope it would not be the same effect as this. Effectivly you are merely predicting a number chosen, and the audience knows that so why not just the number.
  13. Hey, whats up guys. Just wanted to chime in real quick and say that I really enjoy Spidey's effect Celebrity Match. Its fun, its down to earth, and its really easy to perform. What I really like about this is the presentation of using celebrities. I mean lets face it. We typically all watch movies and and go the theatre. So by using celebrities were kinda putting ourselves on the spectators level if you know what I mean. The spectators know who celebrities are as well as us magicians. Magicians are normal people too. Also, for those of you who have purchased this effect; try using your drivers license. You will know what Im talking about. Just a little idea I came up with and shared with Spidey. So I wanted to share it with you guys too. If any of you guys have questions or need some extra tips for Celebrity Match go ahead and pm Spidey or anyone who has purchased this effect (including myself). Spidey was very helpful in responding to my question and I could tell by the way he wrote his response back to me that he truly loves magic and enjoys helping each and every one of us. So dont be scared to write him or your fellow magicians. Thanks everyone and thanks again Spidey!
  14. Brilliant.
    *nods head slowly in somber respect*
  15. I really love this effect. It's simple. Strong. I just performed for a small private party for about 25 people and this is the effect they kept talking about. Thank you so much for sharing this Spidey! I can't wait to see what else you will throw at else!
  16. thanks Adam, that's very encouraging :)
  17. Yeah you're going to love me.

    I'm going to go ahead and side with Robert and Prae on this one - Lyle, take your own advice and stuff it. I agree with D ICE R and Prae that this is a mental magic effect. I know magicians may not understand or care about the distinction between the two, but to claim that there isn't one is just ignorant. In fact, this may be the reason mentalists take care as to distinguish between the two, so magicians that don't put forth the time and effort into the studying of mentalism - and instead buy an effect like this. I know you want to believe that you're now a mentalist because you're using this effect, but if you were a mentalist, truth is - you wouldn't have bought such an old effect.

    Also, I find myself questioning your "worker" criteria, I know plenty of sure fire, impossible (we're doing magic aren't we?), impromptu effects. That doesn't make them "workers". Maybe criteria along the lines of flexible for any audience, packs small - plays big, takes up very little pocket space, instant/split second reset, VERY magical, simple, visually stunning, easy to follow. etc etc.

    Nathaniel - I agree with most of your ideas, but I don't agree that there's any effect I know of that requires absolutely no performance ability to be effective. I say this because I've seen bad performers do great effects and get crickets.

    Last thing, as a general question - and a sincere question. Spidey, I'm NOT questioning your ability as a performer nor your character as a person - you're very good from what I see and I hear great things about you. I do have to wonder though, what exactly are you taking credit for in this routine? Why did you publish it? The principle is old, and the method(s)/presentation isn't a totally new idea either.
  18. Beans25 - Lyle is kind of a mod. Buddy ol pal, you dun goofed.
  19. I'm not wanting to start a fight, but: Why can't anyone spell my name right? lol
    I mean, it clearly says it at the top of my posts... Just sayin'. :p

    And Beans25, I was more trying to imply crotch-height, YouTube magic.
    (Which I think is the worst form of any type of 'entertainment.')
    So, since this is an effect you *have* to perform for someone else, yet still requires little skill (no offense Spidey), it relies entirely on performance. That's all I was trying to say.

    And D ICE R, 'Mentalism' defined:
    men·tal·ism (mntl-zm)
    1. Parapsychological activities, such as telepathy and mind reading.
    2. The belief that some mental phenomena cannot be explained by physical laws.

    Obviously everything magicians do can be 'explained by physical laws,' but, not by laymen.
    So, in a case where he provides objects, the spectator has a free selection, to which he provides a prediction in a fair, clean manner, is - in my book - mentalism.
  20. I sincerely apologize for not spelling your name right, I thought did - I really do try to make an effort with everyone's names.

    Nathanael. I see your point about a presentation-less performance. I actually didn't even consider that when thinking of magic, so forgive me, as my brain skipped over that embarrassing tumor of our art.

    JD, if a theory11 mod banned me for disagreeing with them, it's not a forum I would want to be a part of anyway. False authority is what's wrong with magic these days in general. Being a moderator on a forum doesn't make someone's point more or less valid than anyone else's - same with a person's post count.

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