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  1. Thanks in part to Grant...

    I decided to polish up my center tear recently. it went great at my Monday night walk around gig, I thought it'd be nice to dream up some ideas to use it.

    Any suggestions for using a center tear? New plots, jokes, etc.?
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  2. The center tear is a method to supposedly read minds. The move itself, and really everything involved with them writing it down and destroying the paper should be minimized as much as possible. Focus on the reveal.
  3. You are welcome :) glad it went well. These are my suggestions but come up with your own jokes. You also must feel out the moment and improv your humor based off your audience. Listen to them. Do not be a hack line magician. Also, to improve your center tear by A LOT (not many mentalists know this yet) I suggest looking into an E-Book called Jhana. It discusses a new way of destroying your center tear ever happening in the spectators mind creating amnesia to them. The concept is called Severance.
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  4. A new plot idea that I came up with is instead of a name or a word being written down I have them write down a negative emotion that they have been dealing with lately. I tell them to be specific like envy or grief.

    I tell them to bury that emotion by folding up the paper, imagining its influence over them becoming less and less with each fold. Then, I ask them to place the paper in my hand, and to imagine that by doing so they are letting go of that emotion. Then I rip it up saying, "Now, imagine that negative energy being completely released so that it no longer has a presence in your life." Then I reach for another slip of paper, and peek at the emotion they wrote down while writing down a good emotion-usually just happiness or peace. I fold it up, place it in their hand, put my hand on their shoulder, and say something like...

    I felt the grief
    (whatever emotion they wrote down) you are feeling. I know it's difficult. Whenever you feel that emotion coming back, just open this slip of paper I'm giving to you now, and focus on any good memory that it brings to mind. I hope this helps.
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  5. I suggest reading the works of

    Robert Watkins

    He has some methods with billets and the presentation around them seem invisible.
  6. A suggestion (not really). More like an idea is to use the self lighting cigarette to burn the left overs.
  7. That wouldn't be something like burning it no? I don't get it.
  8. I suggest reading tyrex by Ran pink. It contains lot of ideas and justification in using the center tear.

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