Centrifugal vs. Tarantula

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  1. What is the difference between these?
  2. Centrifugal is a thread setup using an ITR, Tarantula is a gimmick that is an electronic thread reel (which, according to multiple sources, breaks frequently.)

    I would pick up Centrifugal, it looks promising
  3. I just posted a review of it. Check it out in the review section!
  4. Hey! Thanks for the question...

    Centrifugal comes with an ITR (Invisible Thread Reel) ...which IMO is worth the price alone, since there is SO much you can do with it besides the Centrifugal routine. Not to knock the tarantula gimmick, but a lot of people were not happy with the quality of it, as someone mentioned above. An ITR is proven to be durable, and versatile, and with Magick's hookup for the ring/coin float you start clean, hook up in 2 sec (literally), and once the float is done you are automatically unhooked and end totally clean! Hope this helps, and any other questions please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks so much for the support everyone!

  5. Thanks! I have 2 more questions...

    1. How sturdy is the thread?

    2. Are there refills available for thread?

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    Do you have a video showing centrifugal? And where can we buy it?

    EDIT: Sorry, I was lazy and I found everything I ask within 15 minutes... BUT, I have a legetimate question: can you do the Dollar bill trick with centrifugal?
  7. Goldmos, The DVD comes with a Sorcery Shop ITR, so you can float a dollar bill with it, although the DVD doesn't teach it since it's a basic effect performed with an ITR. Thanks for your question


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