Centurions or Guardians?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by manipulation4food, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. I'm either going to buy half a brick of guardians and 1 centuron or half a brick of centurons and 1 guardian. What do you think is better? Thanks for who ever can help me out.
  2. Depends on which back design you like better...
  3. yea it depends on the back design, there basicaly the same in feel...
  4. id get a brick of gaurdians and a 909

    because the gaurdians have less problems,

    909s are stil good though-
  5. Guardians FTW!
  6. Yeah, I'd get Guardians too - simply because I think the back design is the sex.
  7. regular bikes or tallys?? :)

    forget your custom cards... well except ghosts... :D
  8. Exactly.

    I love the fact that it's a hardcore version of those little Angel thingos.
  9. i prefer the guardian
  10. i prefer centurion bc the design is better
    and handles (slightly) better and is softer
  11. 2nd Edition Guardians are more refined in my opinion. + the back design looks pretty good.
  12. I seriously still don't understand why people still ask this question when it is about which cards YOU think look better. I personally use Centurions because I like the back design more, choose which back design you like more and get that deck.
  13. Dude, take it easy. He's asking a simple question, no need for the hostility.
  14. I'm not being hostile, I'm just simply saying that he should choose for himself seeing that it is his style that the choice is defining. Other people's preferences are irrelevant when it comes to his personal style.
  15. Centurions
    they are softer and better feeling than guardians and look better
  16. Anyone can tell me. Guardians and centurions have same quality or no? THNX :)
  17. he is not being hotile it is just the way you read it, a lot of people like to read with emotion soooo you read it angryly (spell check:p)

    as for the question centurions all the way the backs are kicka** and it feels a little better in the hands but that is just me.
  18. No man, centurions feel softer and better
    guardians feel thicker, heavier, clumpier etc.

    Difference is | | this big

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