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Centurions, S.S.'s, or Stingers... Which one which one

Nov 4, 2009
Hello you guys, I just joined this awesome website and am certainly looking into buying a nice deck of cards (I have just recently gotten into magic/flourishing)

So, like the title says, which are the best at what. I've read many reviews but it's a lot of the same and I didn't feel like I could conclude what the best for me would be. I really like the Centurions looks, but I've been reading that Split Spades are amazing. And as for Bees, they said it was really nice as well and they have a 4.5 star with the rest of them.

Help por favor? I really want a nice deck that I can do nice dribbles, fans, and a little more flourishing, yet is good for magic/illusions. I also would like for it to last a long time. Thanks to anyone who reads this and comments on it =D
Sep 16, 2009
I have to disagree. And please don't forget you're dealing with personal opinions at the moment.

I actually have dealt with people who couldn't get used to the faded borders on the Stingers and I've never looked at them like that till that moment. There is just something with the borders.. just a feeling which you can't really describe. It's probably because usually cards don't have it and so it's something new for the spectators and they might find it suspicious. I do still really like those cards though.

For flourishing the Centurions are great cards. For random card tricks people will find it way to suspicious.

So in general I would go for the Split Spades. Not just because of the very clever designed miracles but also because they look great, feel great and are very natural in any way.

So for performing I'd definitely choose for S.S.'s. Even if you could hand out all three decks to the spectator, the feeling regarding Centurions and Stingers will stay once they got those.
May 9, 2008
For me bee wynns are the best most especially when it comes to flourish. . .

Unfortunately this is not one of our options here. Let's discuss Centurians S.S. or Stingers as the topic calls for.

Split Spades are the best in terms of look and feel and longevity.


Jul 10, 2009
Lillestrøm, Oslo, Norway
This is very much personal preference.
I don't like Split Spades at all.
Didn't like centurions either, but they grew on me, and now they're allright.
I like Stingers, but I think they get bent out of shape quickly.
My favorites are easily propagandas, but from the cards you're asking about, I would choose Centurions:)

but again, personal preference:)
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
As you've probably figured out by now, and as a few people have mentioned... The thing is really subjective. I personally hate Stingers, but that's just me, whilst others will swear by them.

Sooo... Best thing to do would be to grab like one of each if possible to try it out... It's the only real way to find your favourite.
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