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  1. As I was sitting around playing with my cards I began thinking of Change and how mysterious it has all been. To make this clear, I am not bashing Daniel in any way and I love his work. Anyway, does anyone remember the Change challenge? It was posted on his site a few months back. Did anything ever come of it? And what if Daniel Himself doesn't know how to perform Change, but gave US criteria to create it ourselves. And he always says how now one has found the secret. What if there is no secret? He was just waiting for us. I personally like to believe Daniel can achieve this effect. But hey, sometimes you need a little help from your friends.
  2. Yes there was a winner of the contest but no-one knows what happend.
  3. it's a scam
    a hoax to boost his name and face to market his products
  4. ineski won and recieved a *secret* package.
  5. That's the truth :D
  6. I don't care if change is real or not. I think that no matter what it is great because it inspired people's creativity.
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    Okay guys, here are some facts:

    1. Does Change exist: Yes.

    2: Have I ever seen it live via webcam: Yes.

    3. Was it ungimmicked: Yes.

    4. Is there video of the change being performed: Yes.

    5. Does any of this prove anything: It proves everything and nothing.

    In the holiday contest, I won prize #8, which was the live webcam jam session. I chose to have the session with DM. He was remarkably kind and gracious. We discussed and worked on all kinds of things in the chat. He really gave me a new perspective on magic.

    In the chat, I asked Daniel if Change could be performed live. I wasn't expecting anything at all. I was actually expecting secrecy more than anything else. Within five seconds, he got up and performed Change. The beauty of this trick is that he does it so effortlessly, that it looks like it has to be a gimmick. Daniel is one of the most brilliant magicians I have ever met, and Change is a complete representation of the art that he creates.

    Tyler Chase
  8. Stop speculating, just wait for the Facts.

  9. Check post above yours :D I think we posted at the exact same time.
  10. Really?!?!?

    That is the closest thing to a confirmation I have ever came across on these forums or anywhere else.

    You didn't happen to record this did you?

    If this is true, then this is the best news I've heard in a while. I just hope it wasn't a flap card he had sitting around in case you asked... :p
  11. That's what I assumed. ;)
    either that or he did the Tally-Ho method

    It IS performable in real life. (although i don't see why this is a necessary criteria- more than half the people on these forums don't perform live anyways...)

    It IS NOT a camera edit.

    It is obviously not a "flap card", otherwise properly known as a blink card, because that would be neither original nor interesting, and would be more than readily obvious in any video after the "change" is made.

    Please stop wasting everyone's time.

    Daniel Madison will release it when he sees fit, if and whenever that time comes. Making threads about it will not expedite the process.
  13. The Change was recorded. It was ungimmicked. It was Madness.
  14. am I somehow related to that method?
  15. Damn it benjamind! I was thinking of the word 'expedite' just a few hours ago, but couldn't think of it - I had to settle for expeditiously. Couldn't think of the verb, and couldn't be bothered to use a dictionary. Gah...
  16. Sorry for "wasting everyone's time" with this thread. Especially seeing as how so many people responded with legitimate answers. And if it's wasting YOUR time, then why bother to respond? I learned something from this thread and I have a feeling a couple of other people did too, so sorry about that I guess.
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    Well I learnt that it is apparently real and ungimmicked and that someone has actually seen it performed for them by the man himself, as oppose to the trailers that Mr Madison released. I'd forgotten about it to be honest as all the hype over whether it was real or not (honestly...who cared?) all those many moons ago got so annoying I tuned out and focused my attention on my DL, which is sometimes known as my TL, QL and every now and then my Flash Lift.

    So yeah, I got something out of this thread mate.

    At least it wasn't another thread about who's the best magician or another hating thread about nothing important to anyone.

    Rabid....sorry, r+bid
  18. @ tman - Check your PMs. :)

    Side note: Why do some people get so upset about these threads? It is a huge mystery that is not talked about and highly sought after. Discussion is inevitable.
  19. You could have easily learned the same things, and possibly gained more knowledge, by simply using the wonderful SEARCH FUNCTION that this forum has. I cannot begin to count the number of times people have started threads over Change. It gets old after a while.

    Discussion is inevitable - I agree with you. So people can stick to using the threads that have already been made.

    You couldn't think of "expedite", but you thought of "expeditiously"? Haha, but you spell the first when typing the latter. ;)
  20. I mean really, who cares. Change if real is just another impossible looking colour change. It's great because if its real it fries magicians, but in proving its real the method will have to be revealed, which will mean it will no longer fry magicians, as they'll know how its done. To a layman specator, the cardini change, the clip shift as a colour change, the top change etc etc etc all look impossible too. It's not like their eyes will melt because of the impossibleness of it.

    Really. I admire Madison whether this is real or fake for inspiring this level of discussion, but the fact that a colour change can generate this kind of excitement really doesn't say much for the modren magic community.

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