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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheJoo, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. chang it up

    some editing i did last night with some color changes
    tell me wat u think
  2. Nice video, but you spelled change wrong
  3. those are some pretty awesome changs. you need to work on your impulse. to better line it up, after the chang, (sorry, im easily amused) squeeze you pinky up to your ring finger. the begining was a little sketchy. oh well. good job.
  4. o how I love spelling jokes.

    But dude I think you should work more on getting the changes to look clean, but you're getting there.
  5. No I think thats the way he speaks. Just a guess listening to the music.:p
  6. imma go against the grain here and say that i didnt like it.

    the editing was too skippy, the shapeshifter-esque change was performed horribly and the camera quality couldve been better.

    2.5/5 mate.
  7. ya i agree with FOO:L, the camera editing was pretty bad, the beginning was like like, "do the fricken change already!" too skippy, and the changes could use a little work
  8. dude thats cool.... i'm sure that you pratice a lot about it.. but ...... change your webcam!( i know what your doing but its kinda blur..) sorry:(
  9. I had to stop half-way through. Sorry.

    The editing was frustrating, the jumping around from shot to shot without even showing much was annoying. The changes were moderate, all needed work - but it's rare to see a perfect change.

    I think you should do a remake - except tone down on the skippy editing and use a better quality camera - just these little changes make a much better video. :)

    Keep it up though,

    -Sam H

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