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  1. Hey Guys,

    So Shin Lim just posted that awesome monarch's tribute and it featured some amazing changes. Zach Mueller also posted a video a while back with some sick changes as well. As of late I've been getting kind of sick of the changes that I know (Snap Change, Twirl Change, Color Change, Duck Change, Cardini Change, ect. ect.).

    Does anyone know of any DVDs or Books that will teach me some new nasty card changes that I can blow minds with?


  2. andthensome by Dan and Dave has a few changes if you haven't seen them yet.
  3. There is a change by jeff mcbride called the twinkling change you can find it
    in apocalypse vol. 8 its a killer change and have only seen 2 people master it
    jeff being one of those.
  4. First off, a color change in and of itself doesn't blow minds. It is a tool to be used as part of a well thought out and scripted routine. There is only so many times I can watch videos of "pick a card, lose a card, find wrong card and do color change" without losing my mind.

    That being said, check out The Color Change: the Arcane Art of Transfiguration with Playing Cards by Crispin Sartwell. It is available as a book and as a pdf from and a a book from other magic shops.

    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction

    II. Last Things First: Plants
    (a) Leipzig Slap Plant
    (b) Drops
    (c) Wipes
    (d) Under My Thumb
    (e) Dip Plants
    (f) Hinge Plants
    (g) Open-Fingered Plants
    (h) Roll-Down Plant

    III: Classical Changes

    1. Side-Slip Changes
    (a) Basic side slip change
    (b) Marlo Clip Slip
    (c) Tabled Marlo Clip Change
    (d) Vernon No-Palm Change
    (e) Softy Steal
    (f) Second Slip
    (g) Rear-Palm Steal and Plant
    (h) De La Torre Pin
    (i) Cummings Steal
    (k) Side Slip to Tenkai Palm

    2. Quick Tricks With the Side Steal Change
    (a) Leipzig Hand-Off
    (b) Picking Off the Pip

    3. Thumb-Clip Steals
    (a) Basic Thumb-Clip Steal
    (b) E.V. Steal
    (c) Altmann Steal

    4. Slide Changes
    (a) Basic Slide Transposition (Houdini or Erdnase Change)
    (b) Marnase Change
    (c) Convincing Marnase Change

    5. Hinge Plant Changes
    (a) Window Change
    (b) Slip Slap
    (c) Book Change
    (d) Fan Change

    6. Roll-up Steals
    (a) Roll-Up Clip
    (b) Cardini Flick Change
    (c) Hugard Roll-Up Palm

    7. Other Classical or Quasi-Classical Changes
    (a) Flip Palm Steal
    (b) Longitudinal Steal
    (c) Erdnase 6th Sense Steal
    (d) One-Hand Palm Steal
    (e) Back-Palm Change

    IV. Non-Classical Changes

    1. Pass Changes
    (a) Basic Classic Pass Change
    (b) Riffle Pass Change
    (c) Basic Herrmann Change
    (d) Turn-over Pass Change

    2. Removals
    (a) Andrus Change
    (b) Ego Change
    (c) Cottone Change
    (d) Fan Subtraction
    (e) Jay Change
    (f) Cardini Flick Change (no-roll version)
    (g) Tenkai Table Change
    (h) In Your Face Change

    3. Top Change Color Changes
    (a) Fadeaway Change
    (b) T-Formation Change

    4. One Hand Clapping
    (a) Charlier Change
    (b) Erdnase Pop
    (c) One-Hand One-Hand Palm Change

    5. Double-Card Changes
    (a) Basic Palm Switch
    (b) Paintbrush Change
    (c) Snap Change
    (d) Dribble Change
    (e) Boston-Lorayne Fan Change
    (f) Bertram Revolutionary Change
    (g) Basic Tenkai Change
    (h) Flutter Change
    (i) TeBe Change
    (j) Bertram Unusual Change
    (k) Pivot Change
    (l) Twirl Change
    (m) Le Paul Change
    (o) Table Pin
    (p) Mechanical Change
    (q) Tunnel Change
    (s) Eidetic Change
    (t) Push-in Change

    6. False Deal Changes
    (a) One-Hand Bottom-Deal Change
    (b) Noblezada Second Deal Change

    7. Back-to-Back Changes
    (a) Hatton Change
    (b) Eclipse Change
    (c) Hummer's Visual Change
    (d) Flip-Flop Change
    (e) Rollover Change
    (f) Strange Change
    (g) Spring Change
    (h) Duck Change
    (i) Shapeshifter

    V. Multiple Changes
    (a) Tarbell Double Change
    (b) Merlin Double Change
    (c) Face-to-Face Change
    (d) Slide Change Sequence
    (e) Turnover Change Sequence
    (f) Hamman Flash Poker Double Change
    (g) Kenner Double Change
    (h) Al Altmann's Double Change
    (i) Double Erdnase Pop

    VI. Routines
    (a) Thirteen-Change Routine
    (b) Great Published Routines

    Alphabetical List of Moves and References
  5. speaking of color changes, where can i learn the clip steal? it was featured in the "Queens" trick by dan and dave bu they didnt teach it...
  6. It's in Ed Marlo's Side Steal booklet which is part of Revolutionary Card Technique. Or, it's taught on Jay Noblezada's Color Changes DVD, and as part of a four-card production on Dan and Dave's Pasteboard Animations which is on their The System DVD.

    EDIT: Just realised you probably meant the Clip Shift (rather than "Steal"). That's taught on Chad Nelson's Surfaced DVD.
  7. ya that thing! is that the only place to learn it?

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