Chaos by Mathieu Bich

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  1. is Chaos good for a close up setting ?
  2. I don't have it, but I'm pretty sure I know the method. I personally wouldn't use it. It's a little too gimmicked (assuming it is what I think it is).
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  3. At contraire, Chaos is perfect, PERFECT, for a close up, BEST on a one-on-one session.

    I too don't care for too gimmicky card performances and really prefer well-performed slights, patter, and distraction for my performances.

    However, this is so powerful, so perfect for close up, I absolutely love it, and immediately bought 2 refill decks.

    I suppose much of it depends on who you're performing for and where you're doing it, but Mathieu has really done an amazing job in this and everyone I've performed it for, magicians and laymen alike, were very entertained.

    The only rub is you cannot hand the deck to a spec before or after, but honestly if you have to do that for a convincer and are unable to do it with patter and deception along with the sort of built in natural convincers, it may be the wrong trick for you and/or your spec crowd.

    I can't imagine that though and would encourage you to give it a shot. From a guy who's pretty anti-gimmick, I can honestly say this one is worth it for the spec responses.

    Minds are routinely blown with Chaos, lots of fun and I really enjoy sort of using my own patter and make the spec "the power" and that he/she is aligning their energy with mine to achieve the effect.

    Just a damn good close up effect.

    My $0.02,
  4. This is irrelevent to the trick but what is the song that is used in the trailer like love it. If you know the song that would be great lol :D
  5. Fantastic trick. Tell no one.

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