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  1. Hi All,

    Firstly, Hi, I'm new to the theory 11 forums!

    I saw a variation of the charlier cut done the other day, i've seen it a few different times, blaines done it a couple of times and i think i've seen Dan Garcia do it, but i have no idea what it's called!

    What happens is,
    When the charlier cut is done, rather than dropping the packet over the top, the packet is lifted in the fingers and rotated and dropped down the back of the second packet! It's a really cool looking cut, i have no idea what its called and i've probably confused everyone!

    But if anyone can advise i'd appreciate it :)


  2. You had me confused me, I was wondering if you can give us a link of a variation of a charlier cut you are referring to. By the way, welcome to Theory11.
  3. Took me ages to find it as i had no idea of its name!
    Not sure if this is the proper name?! but could some one please advise? also any teaching rescources to learn this cut?


  4. Brian Tudor's One Handed Revolution Cut. Not sure where it is taught, I learned it from watching Daniel Madison's Dangerous material.

  5. That is the "revolution cut".

    It is taught many many places, I think pretty much any DVD with cuts has it included.

    It is pretty straight-forward, I think if you watched that clip you linked to some times, you could get it down easily.
  6. it's taught in 3 resources I can think of:

    De'Vo Xtreme Beginners Vol. 1 (with text instruction)
    Andrei Jikh Genesis (Verbal instruction)
    and Dan and Dave's Everything Else from thier Trilogy Series in the Flourishes 101 section (no text nor verbal cues... you're on your own baby!)

    All 3 show different nuances regarding technique that's not necessarily touched upon in the teaching.

    From a value perspective, get Genesis if you're just getting into cardistry.

    If you're interested in magic also, save up for the entire Trilogy. It's absolutely worth every penny! Everything Else's value really shines in combination with the other 2 or 3 volumes.

    Just my 2 kunucks worth.
  7. I did research for you to confirm what I had been thinking.

    You can find this move, taught by the creator of it, on Brian Tudor's Show Off - Vol.1 DVD. It is called the One Handed Revolution.

    Other places teach it (I know Dan and Dave Buck do, and I learned it from d+M's Dangerous DVDs) but this is straight from the source.

  8. Now, I see what you mean. It is the One Handed Revolution Cut. Sebastian above me is a great tutorial and very helpful.
  9. Hi welcome to theory 11 forums.
    I think you are talking about the revolution cut, you can learn it on the lethal dvd or the dangerous from daniel madison there are a lot of tutorials on youtube to. well check this link and tell me if that is the move you are looking for. :)
  10. Guys,

    Thanks all very much for the help, since i've posted this i've got Genesis on the way.
    I've been into card Magic for some time and can do a fair amount of tricks and do perform to audiences.
    However cardistry is something i want to get under my belt to "buff up" my presentation a bit.

    Thanks again, very helpful


  11. I just wanted to give you some advice on this : If you want to use cardistry to "buff up" your magic, this means that the magic is caused by your hands and your skills. One common usage will be in gambling demonstrations

    Do you really want to get into that field?

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