Charlotte, NC airport?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dbmagic4, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Is there anybody hangin out in the Charlotte airport right now, that would like to meet up and chill, talk magic, and the like? :D
  2. You think that you're going to run into someone, browsing this forum at the exact same time that they are at the airport?
  3. dude, its happened before lol. oh well, a guy can dream, cant he? lol
  4. Sorry to crush the dream man, Good luck.
  5. Lol what are you doing waiting for your next plane, and it's a long wait?
  6. Ha....this was funny and made me laugh. It is always worth a try and you never know..somebody could have been killing time surfing on their iPod or something and saw you were there as well.
  7. If no one turns up, always bust out the cards and do some magic to people while they are all waiting for their flights. Always good to brighten people's days with magic! Never can go wrong with that!

    In the event that you dont have cards, there's always like a store inside the airport that sells Aviators or Bicycles usually. Buy a deck and start doing magic!

  8. Funny.

    I spend a lot of down time waiting at airports. I try to use the opportunity to work on difficult moves or routines. You’d be surprised at the number of people that will approach you and the conversations you’ll have which gives you an opportunity to work on some presentation ideas.

    Go up to the food court between B and C concourse. You never know who may see you and come over.....

    By the way it looks like we missed each other by a few hours. I was on the E concourse waiting at E12 for about 2 hrs at 9 this morning.
  9. My friend was at your airport this morning.
  10. Even though I'm stuck here bored at the hotel, I've found a couple of people here to do magic to. I did quite a few tricks to this guy for quite a while and it made him really happy so I'm glad I did that. Always do magic when you're bored!

  11. Casey why are you stuck at a hotel?

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