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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aly Moursy, May 16, 2010.

  1. hey guys so i saw the video of the piano improv guy on chat roulette so i thought it would be a cool idea if we did tricks to people on chat roulette i tried it and it was alot of fun so tell me what u guys think good idea or bad?
  2. Performing effects on ChatRoulette has be done before, a lot of times... it's a nice idea, except if you're going to use ChatRoulette, than I suggest to sometimes watch who you're perfroming for.
  3. extremely suspicious with a webcam of yourself that you can view (IE: You can see the card when you show it to them).

    Good idea for things like coin magic and you can ask for critiques and whatnot, but try to dodge the cocks.
  4. Yea I sometimes find myself popping on there from time to time...just to throw up some cards. Many celebs hop on there too. Jessica Alba is one of them. I saw her myself.

    I believe a few shows have talked about this site...Conan being one of them, and he actually went on there...

    And yes, watch out for the pee-pee players. Yuk.
  5. You've been trolled buddy. People have video reels of celebs in front of a webcam, Jessica Alba being the most popular. Then they just play the video as if it's from their webcam.

    I've done my share of ChatRT magic. Quite fun, usually do things like ACR or transpo effects. Ask them to name any card, ask their name and then sign their card for them, go into ACR. Fun fun fun.
  6. Mint idea as you can quickly run :p but it is a good place for some practice and critique :) mind the fools though
  7. Yea I know these people put up other videos...I've seen some bizzarrrreee
    on Alba's Twitter account, she has mentioned that she was on Roulette. I do doubt that was really her now that you mention it, but she did react to some cards flying out of my throat...who knows.
  8. Good idea.

    Ladies and Gentlemen! The one! The only! DarkWitness
  9. Last time I was on chat roulette I was doing the Little Hand and making it wave to people. Alot of the reactions are priceless, especially the reactions from stoners. Me and my friends also play a drinking game with chat roulette where we drink every time we see a pee-pee and we chug when we see a girl since girls are rare on chat roulette.
  10. lol...nice!
  11. Haha, hilarious Sean!

    Doesn't seem like you would do too much chugging... I spent 10 minutes on ChatRoulette and 9 of them were spent clicking 'next' to the amount of dudes smackin' stuff around.

    I'm a Music Education major with percussion being my forte, so what opened me up to ChatRoulette was a video on YouTube called "Banished Beyond on ChatRoulette".

    Should illicit a laugh or two from non-musicians as well :D
  12. I have done the human blockhead a few times. It got some pretty good reactions.
  13. I do the snapchange and other colorchanges a lot. El cambrio nada is also great:)

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