Cheack out my awsome original color change

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    Check out my awsome original color change

    this is an original color change using and orginal utilty move called the DL concelment move. DL doesnt stand for double lift they are my initials. here is the link below please watch!!
    Please tell me what you think!
  2. You're kidding, right?

    Sorry to say that this too is not even remotely original. If originality was an Oreo, this would be milk, and I'd be dunkin'!

    Check out John Cornelius' Winter Change, which is a similar principle, except better executed.
  3. no this is not the winter change. it may look like the winter change (which it does) but it is NOT the winter change
  4. It seems like the move is really forced to be honest... like not really natural at all. Cool idea though. I'm not sure if it's original though... I'm pretty sure it's not.
  5. C'mon guys, let's all just be kind and get along.
  6. I think it would be acceptable for you say it's your handling of the Winter Change, but it's not different enough for you to give it your own name, in my opinion. Plus, I think you filmed it a bit too soon. You seem a bit stiff and awkward with it. My advice would be, get the whole sequence running smoothly, then film it again, and we might see some more potential in it.
  7. This change is written up in The leipzig book by lewis ganson pg. 22 its a very very old
    change actually it way older the the winter change. like the old saying goes, if you
    want to keep something a secret then put it in a book.
  8. ok listen im going to try my best not to reveal my change or the winter change but in the winter change the card you change it into is on the bottom. in this change it is not take from anywhere near the bottom
  9. I think everyone can see where the card is being taken from, and it is completely impractical. You seem to be recreating a colour change for the sake of creating, not for a viable reason. Just my opinion.
  10. in the winter change it is not taken from the bottom. check out john cornelius's book
    award-winning magic, and or in harry lorayane apocalypse, it in both books.
    i agree
  11. I don't know what these guys are talking about. I thought that was almost as entertaining as watching "Plan 9 From Outerspace."
  12. sorry to say this but....... two thumbs down q (>,<) p
  13. Try doing the pinky count, it's easier to get a break.
  14. This almost looks like a Clip Steal. Look it up.
  15. Guys this is called a classic color change. The original one not the "Erdnase 2 handed color change" that T11 put out for free labeled the "Classic Color Change." It is a very simple concept that has been around in card magic since the double lift. So no, it is not original. I would say you need a lot more work on your handling too but hey at least you got the angles right.
  16. I've never seen any1 fiddle the cards in a strange way as much as you in that video
  17. The only thing I agree with in this thread is the fact that its so similar to another change, and from what I can infer of how its done, its not any more convenient. That should be the only reason you alter a change is if you find an easier, more clever method. So, in closing. In my opinion, its not anything that I would use, but I don't use the Winter change either. There just aren't any tricks in my repertoire that I could replace the change with.
  18. The point is not whether or not your change is exactly the same as the Winter change, or any other color change. The point is that in my opinion, and it seems the opinions of others, it is insufficiently different to be considered anything other than derivative of existing work, and was performed rather poorly to boot.
  19. This is the greatest comment of all time. It almost made the video worth watching.

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