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  1. Hi :p do anyone know where can I buy Cheap Bicycle Decks online?
    btw does anyone know any magic shops in Singapore?:D Thanks!!!
  2. Well i get all my bikes from Costco. They sell a brick for only $13. But i dunno if they have Costco in Singapore.
  3. You can get a brick of bikes for 30$ shipping included at Pretty cheap :)
  4. Costco has the best prices as far as I've delt with. But ebay also have comparable prices too.. but I hate dealing with shipping and stuff like that. I also heard a lot of good things from but I never delt through them either.

    Also, Walmart has specials, 1 red deck 1 blue deck for $2.50
  5. Bicycle cards cost $4.50 a deck in magic shops in Singapore. Of course, not every shop sells them at this price. There are some which try to make a quick buck and take advantage of the less informed by selling it at $10 for one.

    There are about 5 or 6 magic shops. But what I feel is the best one - along with everyone else - is the one in Bugis near Raffles Hospital. I have heard - and seen - Singapore's top names in the magic scene frequent it from Jaspas, Huron, Ling, Kevin Ho, Daren to Leon, Bowen and the like. You may not be familiar with these names now, but it's only a matter of time before you will be.

    If you are unsure of how to get there, just send me a PM and I'll provide you with further help from there.
  6. has some great products, but absolutely terrible customer service.

    I ordered an item from them on March 10. First off, I'm paying $25 for shipping for an item less than 6 pounds. Secondly, I only receieved an order confirmation email, directly after submitting the order.

    On the FIFTEENTH of March, I called them because my debit account had not been charged, and no shipping confirmation email was sent.

    I was told to call back tomorrow.

    I check my online account details the following day, and it has finally charged. I call to double check with the company, and to make sure it has been sent - I have not recieved a confirmation email. I'm told that they wouldn't have charged it unless it's been shipped; I ask for the UPS tracking number information. I'm told I need to email "Karen" and ask for it - I do so, and over 24 hours later finally receieve a response with the number. It was shipped on the sixteenth and is due here on the 24th. Remember, I paid $25, just for shipping.

    Absolutely ridiculous.
  7. They ( only sell red and blue back bicycle, do they sell any other types or different design of bicycle decks?
  8. I guess when everyone says brick, they mean 13 cards?
    (Its not like I am new to magic, but new to online terminology of magic)...
    Anyways, I buy a "Brick" At Sams Club plus 1 deck, for 16$, and it comes in a big card box looking thing, people always ask me for them lol
  9. I'm quite surprised you know about this. Are you by any chance acquainted with her?
  10. I don't know her well by any means, but we've spoken in the past - I've just sent a package of stuff over there for review, etc. :)

  11. or, you can try this
    it's located in orchad rd.....
    there's also one more in beach road....
    hope that helps.... :)
  12. I'm fairly sure a brick is 12 cards. :)

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