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Cheap Rare cards

Sep 1, 2007
Hey guys, Not sure if it's ok to post this here, the forum rules are more satiric than informative.

I'm looking to get rid of some cards to help me through a bit of a financial drought. They're starting really cheap so I hope you're enticed to bid.

I think this is a great deal on these cards, good luck to everyone who bids.

Smoke and Mirrors - LUXURY and V4's
Split spades - All colors
Bee Watermelon backs red
EATCT deck V1

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Sep 1, 2007
Thank you so much. Yeah magic has come to a make or break for me at the moment, getting rid of the stuff I don't "need". In my perspective I'm re-investing in myself to see if I can go "pro" this year, and by that I mean start a career.

Thanks again for starting it up.
Jan 29, 2010
How many packs of V4's do you have for sale? I live in the UK so, it wouldn't make much sense to buy just one pack of cards as I assume you're in the US?
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